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Class unknown

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Here an image of the city was photographed, the wanderer after taking this photo disappeared.

The Video shows a city, which seems to be an endless metropolis, filled with countless buildings and inhabitants.


This level is thought to be a video in its entirety. The creator of the video is unknown, however, it may be found on one of The End's computer's folders. When someone clicks the video, they will get teleported to the level. While the wanderer is stuck in the video, the computer can be used to interact with the video.

This level consists of a medium-sized city that includes shops, restaurants, hotels, and other structures. This city has anything that can be found in a normal city in The Frontrooms. Houses are rare in this city and little is known about them, those who have visited them has never returned. This city also has Facelings with the "The Level 11 Effect". Both communication and interaction with these Facelings is impossible. Cars are also present throughout the city and follow the street plan normally. These cars seem to ignore the presence of the wanderer, as they will ignore wanderers who cross their path. One can also find Almond Water throughout the level, but it is not recommended to ingest, as it is unsafe for consumption. Given the level’s nature as a video, it has a definitive time limit of 5 minutes. The video gets increasingly dangerous with every passing minute, At this point, the wanderer needs to find an exit as soon as possible, as the increasing danger and imminent end to the video threaten their safety. The following document explains what happens in the video:

0 minutes, or seconds:

The level is safe to explore at this time, but an inconspicuous Faceling will begin to follow the wanderer. One should not interact with or talk to this Faceling and move forward peacefully.

1 minute:

Things will start to get strange; The skin of the Faceling following the wanderer will turn white. A warped smile will develop on the wanderer’s face, their arms and legs will become thinner, and Hounds with “The Level 11 Effect” will start to appear on the streets.

2 minutes:

The Faceling following the wanderer will progressively distort, glass fragments are scattered on the floor, the colors of the traffic signals will change to black, and the city will appear noticeably dirtier.

3 minutes:

The level will get darker with light sources being a rarity. A cacophony of disturbing noises will occasionally be heard, and normal Facelings will hardly be seen. The Faceling chasing the wanderer will become increasingly distorted and move faster.

4 minutes:

At this point the wanderer needs to find an exit as soon as possible, as the increasing danger and imminent end to the video threatens their safety. The Faceling pursuing the wanderer becomes ever more hostile, and fleeing from it will be a requirement for the remaining time. The environment begins to deteriorate, with fires and collapsed structures being common. Additionally, bloody bodies of Facelings and Hounds appear throughout the level. Lastly, the cacophony of disturbing noises becomes omnipresent and threatens the mental health of the wanderer.

5 minutes:

As said above, the video stops at 5 minutes and the wanderer in the video will vanish.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

Due to the nature of this Level, there are no known bases or outposts.

Entrances And Exits


Click on a video called "test.mp4" on one of the folders in The End's computer.


Leaving this level is difficult, but noclipping through the fourth wall will lead back to The End.

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