Th3 Bl0ddy R3d


Class 5

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Th3 Bl0ddy R3d is a Group of 3 quite dangerous Sublevels, This Level System is very Similar to the Wrong Level Currently known as Th3 Sh4dy Gr3y

Th3 Bl0ddy R3d - Sublevel 1

Sublevel 1 is the First Sublevel of Th3 Bl0ddy R3d, It consists of an Abandoned Factory with a theme similar to the year 1920, this Sublevel is quite Dangerous and you must find the exit as quickly as possible, the Level is Plagued by Mutated Hounds, Biological Abominations , and Entities that you can find in other Levels only biologically mutated. the level is full of entrances that can take you to highly dangerous levels, if you see a faceling run as fast as you can, avoid contact with suspicious liquids. To Exit you must find a Ladder, that will take you to Sublevel 2.

Th3 Bl0ddy R3d - Sublevel 2

Sublevel 2 is a Copy of Level 4 with obvious references:

*Windows show a Red Sky
*The Level is Plagued with Skinwalkers
*There are traps everywhere
*There are multiple errors
*All Entities here (Passive or not) are Extremely Deadly

The Exit is again looking for a Ladder

Th3 Bl0ddy R3d - Sublevel 3

Sublevel 3 is Indescribable, the closest thing to Sublevel 3 is like a skyscraper infested with all the dangerous Entities of the Backrooms, Here is the "Exit" of Th3 Bl0ddy R3d, To Exit you must look for a Door with Red Lights, If you have luck will send you to the Level ! but They say that there is a Sublevel 4 that you can enter if you are unlucky.

Colonies and Outposts

they do not exist

Entraces and Exits

To Enter you must Stumble on a Pipe in the Level !

To Exit you must Find that Red Door, If you have bad Luck you can Die Instantly in "Sublevel 4" (Posibly that Level does not exist).

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