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Image of one of the many metro stations, recovered from a camera. This image includes one of the Card Checkers.

Level 230 is the 231st level of the Backrooms.

Rumors of the existence of this level circulated around during the early 2000s, and later in 2010, after a man went through an elevator in Level 11 where his community was, and never returned. After this, there were many reports of people discovering this level, with some being able to escape to Level 11 to be able to inform others of its existence. Amongst this discovery, it was soon found that a maze of metro tunnels would lead to many unsuspecting lives come to their ends.


Appearance of Stations

The Endless Metro Station is not one singular metro station; it is a series of infinite connections of many metro stations with the use of tracks. Each metro station looks almost exactly the same, but can vary slightly in appearance with some spaces differing in size, or even certain parts of the station such as escalators, arrival displays (despite the fact they are never on) being placed in different positions. Escalators are in each station, but at the top of each one there is nothing but an empty floor. There have been only a few occurences in which the top of the escalators have presented an exit, and each one looks practically the same, with a long hallway that stretches for thirty meters (ninety-eight feet), and at the end has a staircase that leads up to Level 11 at the end of it.

Information About the Metros


Image capturing the exterior of one of the metros frequently found in the tunnels.


Metro logo.


The exterior of the metro is a titanium white color, displaying a prestine condition of the paint used on them. Every metro also has a red M on the front and back of each car, most likely standing for “Metro”. There is clear glass on the sides of each car, and two in the front and back. There are typically five cars, and in rare scenarios there are one extra or one less, and due to this they can sometimes end up not fitting on the station platforms where the doors open.


Image of the back of one of the metros from the inside.

The interior of these metros contain yellow bars that are used stability, as well as grey or blue chairs, depending what metro it is. There are also displays on each car, but none of them are ever turned on, similarly to the ones on the platforms. There are also emergency stop buttons, but they do not work. All of the stickers and writing on the metros are in some unintelligible language, but have been noted to look somewhat like Danish.


The metros work in extremely erratic ways. The lines never change, but have still been shown to display extremely bizzare path structures. Rails can be zigzagged, have sharp turns, or even intersect with up to five or more rails at a time (from what has been seen so far). Some metro stations have more lines than others, but with the maximum being four. A couple of stations found so far have had dead ends, and with one even having a rail that leads twenty kilometers (twelve miles) to nowhere and back. The arrival times can take up to thirty days, due to the sheer length of some of the paths. With some having over 300km (186 miles) of track to go through, trips can be risky if you board unprepared, as you cannot stop the metros at any point.


Card Checkers


One of the only clear images of a Card Checker.

Entities sometimes board the metros and are known as Card Checkers. Humanoid figures that are suited in metro police outfits that consist of a dark blue shirt and a black jacket, as well as blue jeans. Another thing to note is that different Card Checkers may or may not have blue hats on as well, and these clothes have not ever been reported to contain any official company names on them. None of these Entities have visible faces, yet somehow are able to give off the sounds of either male or female voices in whatever language the person they have apprehended or have spoken to speaks.

These are unreliable Entities. They can appear at metro arrival points and whilst on the platform they are peaceful, when not disturbed. It is advised to not start disturbing the peace, because they will come towards the “offender”. As a normal metro police officer would, they keep everyone on the platform in check.

They board the metros, and their job is to find people who aren’t checked in. They get on and get off at random points in time, and you should expect to encounter them frequently. Not all Card Checkers on the platforms board the metros all the time though, but if you see one boarding, do not go on the metro. On the metros, these Entities go up the train from the front, looking for people to make sure they are checked in.

And since you cannot check into these metros, if you boarded alongside one and they come to you, they will either instantly kill you via eating you alive with their jaws that seemingly appear from no where, and can extend up to 12 inches in width. A rare outcome that has only reported to have happened a few times is that people were written up, being given a ticket that they can’t pay. Whilst the person may survive, they can never board a metro again, as they are now on some unexplainable way now on an invisible watchlist that prevents them from getting on any more metros, because if they do again after being written up, the next Card Checker they see will kill them.

To avoid problems with the metro police, here are the do’s and dont’s.


•Act calm around them on the platform.
•Leave the metro you boarded immediately if you see a Card Checker walking on.


•Board metros with Chard Checkers on them.
•Yell or disturb the peace around the Card Checkers.
•Talk to the police, unless spoken to by them.


Much like the Card Checkers, they are humanoid Entities with no visible face, and can still somehow speak to people. They wear bright reflective orange jackets, along with casual clothing, resembling the average construction worker. These Entities board metros and have been reported to not ever be hostile, and they sometimes will even speak to people, except they only speak in their own language. Because of this, we cannot understand what they are saying, but it can be assumed they are talking in a peaceful manner.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities:


Mapped out area where M.E.G. have explored. This is not even a speck of what truly lies amongst this level.

M.E.G. Outpost 1

This is the first outpost established by the M.E.G.
It is close to a supposed entrance of Level 230, and takes about thirty minutes to get to from there. The path there features a spiraling track that leads to a dead end, where the M.E.G. have decided that it was a good location to establish the first outpost.

M.E.G. Territory 1

This is the first territorial claim by the M.E.G. which has allowed them to maintain 3 stations.
A M.E.G. team safely managed to travel to a station that had three short paths to nearby stations, and deemed it a good place to claim as their territory as it allowed for expansive research. They also have a nearby entrance, so they can help wanderers in case they come in oblivious to their surroundings.

M.E.G. Territory 2

This territorial claim by the M.E.G. has allowed them to maintain four stations, with one even containing an entrance.
A team of M.E.G. researchers went far out from their original outpost to see if they could discover more information about Level 230. It could be said they got incredibly lucky, as they survived over 300 kilometers (186 miles) worth of traveling to a station that had three short connections to other stations, with one of them being an entrance. This would stand to be a new territory claimed by the M.E.G.

Audio Logs:

Entrances And Exits:



Picture of an entrance to Level 230 from Level 11.


Exit from the Endless Metro Station to Level 11. Also used as an entrance from Level 11 to the Endless Metro Station.

To enter Level 230, one typically needs to be around a form of transportation, whether it be an automobile, a bicycle, and any other form of transport that would be used to get around. After they have located one of these, the person needs to simply fall asleep within a five meter radius of the form of transportation. After the person wakes up, there is a small, but not impossible chance that they will end up on Level 230.

Due to many people experiencing being transported to Level 230, and managing to escape, most entrances are found on Level 11, but they can only be found from the inside of the metro stations. This phenomenon requires some explaining, as it is quite bizzare how it works. Entrances cannot be randomly found, but somebody can find an exit from inside the metro station in order for an entrance to appear. In layman’s terms, if an exit is found, an entrance appears, on the other side, at least. There are also extremely rare occurences where elevators on any level can lead to Level 230.


As explained before, exits are rarely found in stations but can happen, and once found they do not disappear again. They also cause new entrances to appear on Level 11. Aside from that, a form of an exit would be the tunnels. Apart from the fact you can’t truly escape Level 230 through the tunnels, you can travel safely without the risk of Card Checkers and be able to find other stations that could contain exits. Whilst you would need to be prepared with supplies, in theory this could work.

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