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One of the studio tables of Level 114, with some "Light Entities" on the wall.

Level 182 is the 183rd Level of the Backrooms, and resembles a series of directly connected recording studios.


Level 182 is comprised of many interconnecting modern recording studios, each containing 1 to 3 red (or sometimes blue) doors. Each door will always lead to another, similar recording studio. Each room is carpeted, with blank white walls. Despite the appearance of the studios, actual recording rooms containing a microphone are yet to be found, if they exist in the level at all.

Level 182 is almost devoid of hostile entities. The real danger comes from the peculiar properties of the level itself. All sounds made by either human or entity in the level are amplified to an extremely high degree, to the point where a barely audible human whisper would sound similar to a jet engine.

Going deaf is a tangible threat in the level, and all wanderers must make sure to not raise their voice or cause any damage to their surroundings, as well as open doors as silently as possible. Traversal of the level is only possible due to the carpeted floor, and it is suggested to leave overly noisy supplies behind before exploring, to avoid going deaf, or even bursting the eardrums.

Each room contains a desk with various musical instruments, soundboards, computers, speakers, and other equipment, though there is no WiFi, rendering them to not be of much use. It is recommended to not use any of the above items due to their noisy nature. There is a vent in each room, though no air seems to be going in or out. The rooms seem to hold almost no items (except occasionally a bottle of Almond Water or, more rarely, Cashew Water). There never seems to be any food, unfortunately.

"Light Entities"

There is no natural light in Level 182, however each room contains an abundance of passive "Light Entities", producing a usable, if somewhat dim, ambient light in most places. These entities manifest as light emanating out of the walls in the level, and are usually blue, purple, pink, orange, or yellow in color. While these entities do not have a physical body per se, they will sometimes move around the room they were found in. Additionally, hitting one with enough force will cause the light to suddenly extinguish. This is not recommended however, due to the noise this action produces.

Soundproof Rooms

These rooms are always found behind blue doors. Very rarely, rather than hard walls, the recording studio walls will be covered with soundproofing foam. Inside these rooms, the sound effects are reversed, and even the loudest screams will be faint. It is recommended to set up camp in one of these rooms, should it prove necessary. It is estimated that soundproof rooms make up about 0.02% of all recording rooms in Level 182.

Be warned however, as these rooms may also sometimes house one or more more dangerous entities (usually Hounds or a Deathmoths). Approach these blue doors (and open them) with caution, as blindly entering the room could be a death sentence. It is important to spot any potentially dangerous entities before entering, as they will be reluctant to leave the soundproofed rooms.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no known bases, outposts or communities on this level

Entrances And Exits


No-clipping within certain buildings in Level 11 can lead to Level 182. There are rumors that the level could also be accessed by no-clipping while within Radio Backrooms' Studio, but this is untested.

Additionally, one of the exit doors in Level 177 leads to this level.


Stamping out all of the "Light Entities" in a soundproof room, and then proceeding through one of the room's doors will lead to Level 6. This has not been tried in a normal room, due to the noise effects.

One can also no-clip through the floor in a soundproof room to access Level 183. This is confirmed to not work in normal rooms.

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