Level 252


Class 4

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Level 252 is the 251st Level of the Backrooms…



The inside of one of Level 252s classrooms…


The outside of Level 252…

Level 252 in its entirety is a large high school or college during the nighttime. The level itself is both in and outside with double doors connecting the two areas. The sky of level 252 is similar to that of level 188, with it being an endless void of darkness.

The inside of Level 252 can be many different rooms, ranging from classrooms to gyms all connected by a series of winding hallways.

There are many entities that inhabit this level such as Smilers, Partygoers =), Male and Female Deathmoths, and Hounds.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

M.E.G. base: Hall Patrol

M.E.G. base Hall Patrol is home to around 40 members and is one of the main supply hubs of this level.


Entrances And Exits


  • To enter, you could noclip through a locked exit door in Level 52.
  • You can also enter a private school in Level 11.
  • Have a heat stroke in Level 141.
  • Noclip through a locker that can appear on Level 1.


  • The only recorded exit is to wander very far until you find a door with a neon sign that reads: EXIT. Entering will take you to Level 10
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