Class 5

  • Mental hazards
  • Stability of changes
  • Entity dominant

Level 606 is the 607th Level of the Backrooms.
Level 606 it is a modern city of about 800 kilometers.


Level 606 Level 606 is simply divided into three areas:[One repeat],[Two repeat] and [Three repeat].Because of the special effect of Level 606, the wanderer will know exactly which area they are in.

[One repeat]

[One repeat] is the core area of town.There be stagnant water on the road that cannot be removed, It is best not to get close and do not try to clean it.Because that will bring you to Level 405.These [human]s are as intelligent as ours and are extremely friendly during the day. Despite the language barrier, you can still try to ask for some food and weapons with these ]human]s during the day. But be careful, don't stay here at dusk, when these [human]s will become manic and the cause of this phenomenon has not yet been found. It is not recommended to try to kill these [human]s, because although they can be harmed with almond water, these [human]s are very numerous and have thermal weapons. In addition, these [human]s seem to have feelings, and killing one of them will make the others more manic.Also, no one has seen midnight here, and we strongly recommend that you not wait until midnight.

[Two repeat]

[Two repeat] is located on the edge of the city and is more corrupt than [One repeat]. Here you need to be careful with tiles and broken roads that can fall from the roof at any time.The effect of [Two repeat] is the opposite of [One repeat]. Although there are also a lot of [human]s here,But these [human]s are very violent during the day, and especially kind at dusk and at night. Other than that, there is no sun here, but there will still be day and night. The [human] armed forces here are not strong and can try to kill them. It is worth mentioning that although the people here also seem to have feelings, they will not be more irritable and angry because of the death of their companions. So if you are unlucky enough to wait until daylight in [Two repeat], don't give up, you can still survive. And because of the various factors of [Two repeat], we strongly recommend that travelers to level606 come to [Two repeat] immediately.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Because of the special effects of Level 606, there are no known bases, outposts, and communities.

Entrances And Exits


Open an iron door floating on the sea at Level 405.
Try to leave level 512 in any way other than βTower sending you away.
Meditate in your heart: "O my Most High Lord! Guide me to heaven! "。 However, this is strongly discouraged.


The exit is…

Damn it! How is the article not finished! Am I going to be stuck here?!
Are you eager to leave?
Who are you?! Don't come near me! I told you I had a gun! Be careful I kill you!
You don't have to worry, I'm here to pick you up.
How can there be good people in this broken place! Say! What do you want!I don't have many resources on me, find someone else!
There is no need to be so vigilant, I have no malice, just to pick you up.And, unless I allow it, you can't get out of here with the help of any external force.
What's going on! What is the white light around me! The white light around is! Be… What is it? Why should I care about this? It doesn't make much sense. Who are you?
I'm ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓, you should prefer to call me [Three repeat].
So you are the God! God! Can it take me to heaven?
Of course, come with me and I will show you the true meaning of the world.
If there are no exits please write: "There is no known way to leave this level for now.", though usually people can leave whence they came.

An urgent message is inserted below

**Recently, multiple residents have spotted humans emerging from the ground, behind iron gates, and in the sky. These humans don't understand us, but we can easily understand what they say. These humans call them from a place called backrooms and call them wanderers. Most homeless people said they came from an organization called MEG and even came up with things like photos. These humans are usually very friendly during the day, but when dusk comes, they become very cranky. And they have some liquids that will harm us, it is not clear what the formula is. So we don't recommend you talk to them at dusk. Also, be sure to let them leave before midnight. If you can't tell them to leave, you can kill them, otherwise once midnight comes, these wanderers will become extremely twisted and // beautiful //. Once we hadn't evicted and killed them before midnight, leading to a series of strange phenomena on the outskirts of the city, we would never allow this to happen again.

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