Level 265


Class 0

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Level 265 is the 266th level of the backrooms. It’s an repeating hallway of elevators with wallpaper and floor similar to Level 0 but paler in color. Almost all elevators don’t have buttons in them but those that do will send you to another level.


Level 265 consists of a long hallway with wallpaper resembling that of Level 0 but paler in color and a numbered door at the end of the hallway leading to another hallway. One side of the hallway usually the left, has elevators all exactly 45cm apart from eachother. These can range from elevators from the 1980’s to modern elevators and almost allways have no buttons in them and occasionally have mirrors. The ones that have buttons have 30-65 buttons all leading to other levels. The elevators that don‘t have buttons always take 10-115 minutes to get to their destination which is another hallway of Level 265.


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