⁸"hi I'm one of MEG agents my codename is supreme but my colleagues call me sup."

"well you must be wondering how i got into the backrooms and it's pretty simple i crashed and ended up in this place but still at some levels we have to fight for our lives!"

"but I hope that one day I can reach the "true end" of this place."

"well my real name is… i can't remember how long it's been."

file date: 17/09/■■■■

"MEG sent me on a mission to recognize a level that appeared at level 04"

"I'm really excited they said I could name the newly discovered level!"

*connection lost*

file date: 31/■■/■■■■

"excellent! the camera started working again! continuing with the exploration, i just entered this level but it seems i've been stuck here for a long time!"

file date: ■■/■■/■■■■■

"I found a possible way out but I'm kind of afraid of where this way might lead me it looks like a door smelling musty!"

File date: 29/03/2095

"I finally managed to get out of that level but… things look different here. for some reason i ended up falling from that level and i went back to level 4"

*file finished*

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