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Class 4

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The forest (Death Forest) outside the train in Level 945.

Level 945 is the 946th Level of the Backrooms.

Level 945 is a presumed infinite train. Almond Water constantly leaks


An endless abandoned train with infinite wagons, it's dark and humid. You better not remain in this palace more than one day because you can be attacked when sleeping.This level is very noisy by unknown source. The floor is made of rusty steel, if you are not careful, you can create a hole on the floor. There's a forest outside the train, if you walk too far from the train you'll be teleport back to the train. Everthing exclude the forest can't be photographed because the photo will always be a complex illusion noisy image of a house


Passenger Wagon

Floor material: Reinforced Stone Bricks
Roof material: Hardwood

This wagon are the most common wagon. The wagon have wall to wall carpeted with chairs, windows and have a door in both two heads of the wagon

Kitchen Wagon

Floor material: Wooden Planks
Roof material: Cobblestone

This wagon is a small kitchen with a old stainless steel oven and a broken fridge

Forest Biomes

Death Forest

This forest's trees have no or low amount of leaves, the wood is soft but can't be destroyed

Jungle Forest

A dark forest full of big and tall jungle trees and many jungle plants, have many entities hiding behind the leaves

Bush Forest

A large grass field with many blueberry bush that always fresh, can be eaten

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no known bases, outposts or communities on this level

Entrances And Exits


It's presumed that windows in Level 188 will always teleport you to this level only if you're holding a toy train on left hand


If you dead in this level, you will awaken in a random level

there's a special wagon will teleport you to Level 69

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