Stretchster: HTBSNE Together Until The End

What Is Together Until The End?:

Together Until The End is a Tale Series based on the expeditions and adventures of The Explorers while they were traversing through the likes of Levels 6, 7, 8 and eventually 9. It will be based on the original stories that were written long ago, and will be connected to the upcoming Level 1000.

With Together Until The End set within HTBSNE Canon, there are a lot of opportunities for the original story to be fresh, while staying true to the original!

Part 1: The First Explorer:

This will focus first on Bart in The Frontrooms and his current life. Soon he falls into The Backrooms, losing everything he had. Even though he struggled, he strived to continue, and met a few new faces on the way. Specifically David.

Part 2: The Notebook:

Bart finds himself a Notebook he uses as a journal of sorts to document discoveries, and keep himself from going nuts. Again, more people are met on the way. Including a very injured Bruno that left a trail that Bart ended up following.

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