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Object 96 - "The Paradox Engine"

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M.E.G. Version:

Object 96 otherwise known as The Paradox Engine is an unconfirmed object, rumored to be capable of generating infinite energy. All current information on this object was taken from a note that seems to be written by it’s creator, only known as The Gearmaker. The note reads as follows:

“The Paradox Engine… my masterpiece. A perpetual motion machine, capable of generating electrical currents for indefinite amounts of time… finally complete. Now the real work can finally begin… with this, I can power anything! I can already hear the clockwork symphony, the perfect mechanical rhythm, the melody of steam and gears, the exquisite harmony of every little moving part, that tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock a thousand times over… Soon, the Enigmachina will be complete… and I can barely wait.”

The location, purpose and threat levels of the Paradox Engine, the Enigmachina and The Gearmaker remain unknown. Any further information should be reported to The M.E.G.

TFI Version:

Creation 3.4

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