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The Pool with the garage doors.


The Hall of Dull Flames.

Level -2 is an enigmatic Level of The Backrooms and is considered the 3rd Level of what we call The Negative Levels. This Level consists of four different sub-areas but we suspect that it may go deeper.


Level -2 is generally a dangerous place where many hostile entities reside in. One of the most common Entities being Screamers, tall humanoid-beings that have no facial features besides nostrils and a large mouth which it uses to scream at Wanderers and incapacitate them. These screams seem to only be heard by the victim. Rarely, the screams have an effect to rapidly rewind a wanderer's previous movements to where they once were minutes or even hours ago, so be cautious. Beware that this Level holds an effect on Wanderers that draws them to enter it. Avoid this feeling at all costs. There are four known main areas in Level -2 all of which are drastically different from the rest.

The Pool:

The first area of Level -2 is known as The Pool. This area is a large, unfinished basement which is flooded with Almond Water. Wooden scaffolding can be found, and an unfinished ceiling with pipes, vents, and bright orange lightbulbs. Wires hang out of most crevasses, so be careful not to electrocute yourself. The water itself is not safe for consumption due to high amounts of iron, dirt and bad bacteria, which makes it look fairly cloudy. Large garage-like doors can also be spotted throughout certain halls of The Pool, but it is uncommon. No other events were recorded within these doors besides one oddity, which teleports the Wanderer into a different hall every time you exit the garage rooms. The only other things that were recorded were boxes of supplies, which were all flooded. The halls of The Pool are always square and never make rounded turns.

The depth of the pool can vary from shallow to extremely deep due to irregularities in the floor, so exercise caution when traveling around the area. The light in Level -2 acts as a safe place, as in the darker portions of the area Wanderers will experience a lot of fear and paranoia. This occurs even when the Wanderer was extremely calm beforehand. There is a small amount of events that can occur within The Pool but these events are usually uncommon. One of these events is when all the lights around the wanderer will go out. This is when large amounts of fear miraculously appear within the Wanderers in range of this event. Another event is where the water of The Pool becomes sentient and starts to move. During this event, the water will often attempt to interact with Wanderers by making little spouts of water that will move around in an attempt of communication.

When moving on to the next area, the halls will slowly conjoint with the other area. Once in, returning to The Pool directly is impossible.

The Hall of Dull Flames:

The Hall of Dull Flames is a large expanse of halls with stained baby blue concrete walls, and white carpet which is equally as stained. However, the entire area is covered in a dark blue glow from the lanterns on the wall, containing candles with a blue flame. The color of the halls seems to change its blue hue at random intervals to create different shades of blue. The halls themselves curve and turn in a circular manner. Fluorescent lights are present but not activated.

Some halls seem to change color to red. It is advised not to enter those halls, because it is rumored to have dire consequences. People that seem to move within the red halls slowly disappear from reality. The area has a sound or a distorted piano playing in the distance, which plays many different songs from Mozart, to Tip-toe thru the tulips and more. Skin-Stealers and Screamers live in the halls, however when a room changes red they cease all movement. It is suggested to do the same if the hall you are wandering through does turn red.

Luckily, entrances to Level -3 are fairly common in this area and it is suggested to enter them immediately.

The Abyss:

The Abyss is the third area of Level -2. It consists of a large expanse of void. There is a floor, however, so it is able to be traversed. The Abyss seems to be as bright as daylight, despite the surroundings being a pitch black void. However, there are areas that seem to go into darkness, which create the immense fear effect mentioned previously. You can determine this from the shadows on your own body. In The Abyss and areas above, various shafts can rarely be found which all lead back to The Pool.

The area does have random structures from an unknown Level scattered across the place. It is theorized to be from the same Level, as they all consist of kitchen utensils. An immense ticking noise can be heard throughout the area, but it is distant and quiet. No entities have been reported in this area so far, and for the most part this area is fairly safe. This is where exploration is mostly halted as most wanderers find an exit to Level -3 at this point. The areas beyond the abyss are as a result largely undocumented.

The Kafkaesque Maze:

This area is a large maze of hedges with purple leaves. The sky is blue and cloudy and the ground consists of purple grass. This area hasn't been explored as much, but some oddities have been reported from various statues made from leaves or stone depicting various clocks. Nothing else is known about this area. A few different pedestals for statues have been found, but there is no statues on top. The only oddity is that each of those empty pedestals have a bronze placard, reading "The Shavic".

Few reports have mentioned that a fifth area exists, that was described as a "Hotel Lobby". However, it is a possibility that this is a different Level. Not much information is known, as Wanderers that have entered it can't seem to describe the area any fur— But you're not supposed to be here. You are very far from where you came from aren't you?

We had concluded that these sub-areas are connected to Level -2 as every area mentioned had various notes discovered within. These notes reference the flowing and seemingly living waters in The Pool and that there is a mysterious process that has mentions of the being "The Shavic". Here is one of the few that we found.

the flow of the waves engulfed me

it loves me

or does it?

the water hates me

it did not bring me home


It untangles me. Why must it exist?


Water is time.

Its the flow of space itself.
Air is what we breathe.
Time flows through air.

How is the water different to our heir?

The enticing screams, places back errors to what was previously seen.

All captive in a creaky palace left unfinished…
To the echoless halls of bright left unfurnished…

Down in the depths of memories reduced to nothing… It fell…
Left to rot in it's ticking cell…
All to create a maze of dreams made from leaves of purple mist of fantasy…
That does not exist.

All plays a purpose, to feed the service of our tangled web.

The Shavic keeps it's way.


Time flows with the water…

May our Grandfather keeps us safe.

The rest of the notes obtained are in bad condition and are either unreadable or gibberish. None of these various nots seem to mention the fifth rumored area.

Communities And Outposts

It is fairly difficult to create a group within Level -2 but The M.E.G. are quickly trying to find a way to set up a base in The Abyss.

Entrances And Exits:

  • To enter, No-Clipping in any Level has a chance of taking you there.
  • You can also enter by going through one of the doors in Level -1.
  • Clipping through a yellow wall in Level 13 will lead to Level -2.
  • Damaged doors in Level 19 can lead to this Level.
  • Finding a junction room in Level 34 has a chance to take you to Level -2.
  • Falling asleep in Level 37 will bring you to Level -2.
  • To exit, there seems to be a set of stairs that leads to Paradise.
  • In all areas above The Pool, you can find entrances to Level -3.
  • Walking across The Abyss can sometimes take you to Level 64 if you're not careful.

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