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Picture of a roofless room in Level 388

Level 388 is the 389'th Level of the Backrooms.


Level 388 appears to be an alpha 1.2.1 world from the world's best-selling game Minecraft. Everything that is not a human, Object or Entity is entirely made out of voxels and pixels, just like in the original game. All objects that are native to this level follow the same physics as in a normal Minecraft world. The world consists of huge rooms and hallways, where the walls are made out of wooden plank blocks, and the floors are made out of cobblestone blocks. It is assumed that Level 388 covers an area of about 60 million x 60 million meters, which is the exact area of a normal Minecraft world. The structure that the rooms and hallways make up has been dubbed 'The Wooden Facility'. The level is permanently locked to nighttime, so portable light sources are recommended in areas that aren't lit up by torches on the ground.

In some rooms of this level, glass windows are present, which show that The Wooden Facility is floating in a void that is presumed to be endless. As of writing, all attempts of entering this void by escaping the facility have resulted in failiure, as the walls have prooven to be impossible to break.

Although no Entitys have been confirmed to exist in this level, a few Wanderers reported seeing Smilers without mouths. Some also add that those Smilers have rectangular eyes and that they seem to be less agressive1. Whether this kind of Smiler actually exists is unknown, but it's still advised to be careful when travelling around unexplored areas of level 388, as many Wanderers go missing as a result.

Level 388 is known for having an additional sense of nostalgia that other most levels don't have, especially towards those who grew up playing the original game. The level was found in 2013 by a group named 'Mine_Squad', who still reside here.


Level 388's layout is different than other levels, in the sense that it never drastically changes, if at all, and therefore resembles the euclidean space of the frontrooms more than other levels. This also makes it possible to map out the level very accurately.

Level 388 has different kinds of rooms that Wanderers may find. It's important to know what dangers await in this level and how to avoid them before entering.

  • Normal Rooms: These make up most of Level 388. They may contain items like Almond Water, Fire salt, Consequential cubes and sometimes Royal Rations. Other items have been found, although they are much rarer. Due to them being lit up, they are considered safe to explore.
  • Roofles Rooms: Like normal rooms, just without roofs. Due to unexplainable reasons, it's been impossible to climb out of one of these rooms, as the walls seem to be growing in an unobserveable way when trying to get up. These rooms never contain any items and are always lit up, which is why they don't contain any threats for Wanderers.
  • Dark Rooms: The same as normal rooms, only difference being that they aren't lit up. Unless you have available light sources, it's ill-advised to stay in one of these rooms, as they may contain hazards that haven't been documented yet.

Image of a short hallway in Level 388

  • Hallways: These connect the different rooms together. Generally, the longer and darker the hallway, the more Wanderers who traverse it go missing. The reason for this is unknown and as a result, it is recommended to only travel through short versions of them. These areas never contain any Objects.
  • Other: While the rooms listed above are the most common, many other rooms were seen. These rooms are extremely rare though, and there is always only one version of each of them that can be found.

Bases, Outposts and Communities


  • Currently has 9 members and is open for newcomers
  • All of them are fans of the game Minecraft
  • Are mostly friendly towards lost Wanderers and are often happy to help
  • Have access to Laptops and phones
  • Still use dead memes

Entrances And Exits


  • Finding a working arcade cabinet with the label 'Cave-Game' in Level 25 can teleport you to this level.
  • Completing your fall in Level 198 may result in waking up in a roofles room.


  • To leave Level 388, simply say the phrase 'slash kick (your own first name)' outloud. This will lead to you entering Level 25.
  • Another way of leaving is by No-clipping, which leads to Level 0.

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