Level 675

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Class 5e - Environmental

  • Unsafe
  • Unsecure
  • Non-Entity Hazards

This is the first photo of Level 675

Level 675 is the 676st level of The Backrooms. It takes the appearance of a seashore that stretches 200km and was discovered on 02/05/2022.


Level 675 takes the appearance of a seashore that stretches 200 km1. The level's terrain is mostly composed of gravel and stone formations. The minerals are composed with jet and arsenopyrite with a density close to that of an obsidian, that seems to crack under the pressure of the human body in a way that doesn't fracture the stones, as such, explorers need special equipment to distribute their weight. Fracturing the rocks is heavily prohibited since a transversal cut can show thin blades and fine needles of the mineral enveloped by organic matter, though this formation process is currently undetermined. Although, touching the sharp shards may cause minor bruises or cuts. but at worse cases, it may cause swelling, inflammation, and small lumps. Artificial light sources don't function properly on this level, giving off only a dim glow regardless of their power. The reason for this anomaly is currently unknown.

The level's atmosphere contains traces of NO₂,2 N₂,3 CO₂,4 O₂, HCN,5 HCI,6 HF,7 and SF₄,8 so breathing "air" is extremely risky. The level's ocean contains H₂,9 H₂SO₄,10 HCL,11 CN−,12 N₂, and H₂O. Touching the level's water would dissolve the wanderers flesh by forcing the skin to be open and after that the flesh would sizzle and boil while rapidly heating up until the wanderer is either dead or boiled alive. The level's weather is mostly cloudy, but sometimes it precipitates rain that is made from HCN, C⁶H¹²,13 and H₂O. But the droplets would create this thick mysterious white fumes that is highly flammable and could lead to death if it's inhaled or if contacted with fire so it's harder to view or explore the levels terrain when it happens.

Various agents of the U.E.C. have discovered pale vegetations that can be found within 40 miles deep, buried to the level's terrain. These pale verdures constantly produce harmful chemicals, which they believe is causing the level's toxic atmosphere. The verdures have different varieties and each one produces a specific chemical. As for now, there are only 5 types of vegetations documented like ferns, creepers, shrubs, Corpse flower14, and beach cabbages. Rarely, these plants snap apart and leaks a gooey organic substance that has a rotting smell and has a soot-like colour. Touching one of the substance can cause chemical burns, prolonged exposures can cause cutaneous infections. Interestingly enough, the rafflesia arnoldii emits radiation even though the plant itself is in the decayed state, and it can only last for a week and would decompose itself until it turns to a blob of soil which would be mixed up at the levels of terrain.

U.E.C. also has discovered an undetermined fossil resembling to that of an Lophiiformes15 that seems to be larger than any known species from The Frontrooms. The fossil's size can roughly range from 100 ft to 150 ft16 in length, 450 ft to 500 ft17 in width. The fossils decompose at a rapid scale and dissolves into a substance resembling fossil-based oil that enhances the effectiveness of complex machinery through anomalous means, in spite of what kind of fuel they need, while at the same time wearing them down at a slow scale. This can most easily be seen on simple machinery. Although, the oil can be used as a source for vehicles and can travel long distances or used as a burning source for generators, artificial light sources, furnace, boiler apparatus, stack, and appurtenances.


One of the storyline carvings of the guardian.

Also, the U.E.C. has discovered multiple caves with huge boats that is made of wood but in a rough condition, It is believed that the boats are used for exploring the levels ocean or to catch fish. And, there are wooden houses that is believed to be shelters of the ancient civilization. Also, some of the houses have these books about chanting dark rituals that can enhance lifeforms. But, it has some mild side effects like rapid reproduction or aggressive behavior towards other living things. But that's not all the U.E.C. has also found this book about "The tales of the island guardian" which is a fairlytale in which the ancient civilization is fond and the guardian is the protector of many islands like this level, and it also has this anomaly that could create life at will and destroy life as it weakens. Although there are also these carved storylines at the caves about the rafflesia arnoldii and the guardian interfering with each other.

Entering Level 675 without the supervision from The U.E.C. is prohibited and handling any chemicals found within Level 675 without direct clearance from the U.E.C. Is strictly forbidden. As these are highly volatile and may cause catastrophes, Although direct clearance from U.E.C. are except from those precautions. If you intend to enter this level, read and follow the safety protocols below to prevent potential injuries.

The Safety Protocols

  • Wear appropriate protective equipment to avoid exposure or contact of sensitive areas (eyes, respiratory system, or skin) directly with damaging substance.
  • Use the decontamination shower before and after testing the chemicals.
  • Always keep alkaline water to flush the skin in case of chemical burns.
  • Only collect chemicals in recipients made of glass and label them properly to avoid accidents.
  • Be aware of the typical symptoms of chemical burns and first aid procedures. Report any signs of illness or overexposure immediately to the U.E.C officer.
  • In events where exposure to large chemical compound have taken place, use the appropriate procedure to neutralize the substance properly.


Due to the levels atmosphere, entities can't sustain and survive in the level's environment, Although humans require advance protective suits to survive.

Bases, Outpost, & Communities:

U.E.C. Outpost "Collective"

  • Founded to facilitate exploration, testing and weapon manufacturing on this level.
  • There are currently 15 members that are willing to help wanderers that are unlucky to no clipped here.
  • Their main goal is to use the level's resources to create weapons to assist with the exploration of future levels.
  • Their additional goal is to further analyze the history of the ancient civilization.

Entrances & Exits:

  • Touching the gravestones in Level 100 has a chance to take one to this level.
  • No clipping on the seafloor on this level has a chance to take you to Level 48. However, this technique is not recommended due to the level's acid-like water that can easily penetrate the human's skin and bones.
  • No clipping at an abnormally shaped rock formation will take you to Level 201.


Level 675 was filled with interesting lifeforms and intelligent species of the ancient civilization that used to roam there. They built houses and boats everywhere, for one thing; To witness the guardian. They had been so fond of the fairytale that they tried to explore the depths of the ocean to begin dark rituals in order to gain the guardian's attention. But they thought that it was all a failure and the fairytale was just like every ordinary book that they read, but they were wrong. The fungus that they had ritualized had begun to reproduce rapidly, and it had eaten their livestock and crops. They had no choice but to either try to cannibalize each other or fix what they had done. But either way, they failed and their population dwindled until extinction. But then, one day, the guardian arrived to save the island. But it was overpowered by the fungus that it failed its own purpose, to protect the sacred land that it lost. The fungus that has survived has no more nourishment to sustain itself and began to eat its own flesh until the fungus met the same tragedy as the tribe.

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