Level 814 - "Perpetual Thunder"

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The raging lightning spreads; its jagged yet serpentine slither encroaches unto the ground.


Perpetual Thunder is named quite accurately in comparison to its contents; the level takes the form of a massive plane that receives continuous beatings from harsh thunder storms. Its unique physical properties almost wholly stem from its thunder, thus warranting its straightforward naming scheme.

Regardless of its name, Level 814 — physically — is a vast expanse of short grass fields, sporadically scarred by the consist lightning strikes that flash intermittently and blind wanderers consistently. First-time navigators of the level may label it as a valley of sorts, describing dips in the terrain which consistently prevent one from looking much further than one-hundred metres ahead. More ventured veterans of the level, however, will detail the ever-stretching mountain ranges. Said mountains act as an attraction for the lightning, luring it in due to their high concentrations of conductive materials, as well as a close proximity to the sky.

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