Level 374 - Stairway to void [SpriteyMihnea]
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Class 2

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Picture illustrating Level 374.

Level 374 is the 375th Level of the Backrooms is commonly know as the "Magically Stairway". This seems to be an endless stairs system


Level 374 consists of endless stairs with different stair types with different pools of gravitation. walls which won't let you escape this tower like Infrastructure. Doors are randomly spawned here which can lead to different rooms and some of them to different level or sublevels of the backrooms. There is an endless void below you and above you!

Bases, Outposts and Communities

The Stairs Adventurers

This Group made out of 5 Adventurers Group for studying this room!

  • They are friendly to People.
  • They are open to trade with different types of objects.


There are some reported entities here Smilers, Skin-Stealers and Deathmoths.

Entrances And Exits


You can get here from Level 54 entering a black white and red colored door!


1st exit is to jump into the void and get back to Level 0.

2nd enter in a tunnel which will take you to Level 9.1.

3rd The Randomness Door 0.000001% of spawning in this level The Door can take you to any level from Level 1 to Level 999.

4th random doors which have unique colors than the most doors they can take you to Level 10, Level 69, Level 21 and Level 5

Only four doors have been reported:

Color red - Level 69

Color blue - Level 10

Color yellow - Level 21

Color g̶̟͔̈́r̵̭͚̓ế̶͙͜e̵̦͗ṅ̵͎̃ - Level 5

Decoy Exits

Doors that are white can lead to a room with deadly gases. The door automatically locks it self.

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