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Class 5

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Such a sad place to be! come to level fun =)

Level 540 is the newly discovered home of the previously thought extinct party poopers.
Level 540 is the 541st Level of the Backrooms.


The structure of level 540 is a prison comprised of 5 long, never ending hallways. Each hallway has its own use and entities. Hall A is a prison block with infinite prison cells. The majority of prison cells are locked. Around 1 in 150 will be unlocked. Entrance of these cells are not recommended. Inside unlocked cells there will be valuable supplies hidden in drawers including but not limited to; Almond Water, Fire Salts, and small cubes of Royal Rations.
In hall B, your will find another infinite hallway lined with workshops where various equipment can be found. Computers can be found in these rooms as well as Wi-Fi. Machines are the one constant in these rooms including generators, washer and dryers, and various metal presses. Most machines are nonfunctional, seeing as repairing these would take more than average skills.
Hall C is what is known as the "Death Hall". The Death Hall is filled with torture chambers and what appears to be surgical rooms. Enter of torture chambers is not advised, as Smilers lurk in these dark rooms. The surgical rooms are good sized with an operating table. Wanderers report feeling paranoia, fear, and the feeling of being watched in these rooms. In these rooms there will be an adult male Facelings, wearing traditional surgical garments. Approach of this Faceling is not recommended as he will attempt to stab you with rusty surgical scissors.
Hall D is a hall that appears to be collapsed or closed off. Entry of this hall is not possible as it seems to be non-existent. All attempts to see what is in the hall has ended in failure, as there seems to be a black fog hanging over which will knock you out and blur memory upon entry of the lungs.
Hall E is the final hallway, consisting of a multitude of kitchen and food storage rooms. Consuming of these foods is not recommended as it most expired and has large amounts of mold so you must be careful to check your food. The food has been described as bland, hard, and tastless but still edible. One of these rooms is home to Cryos Base Icarus, who have proved this level is habitable.


Entities that tend to lurk in these rooms are Smilers, Facelings, Camo Crawlers, Chupavidas, and Crawlers. There is one more entity who is now exclusive to level 540. The Partypooper. Once thought extinct as a result of the fun wars, the Partypoopers have migrated to level 540 and have extreme trauma and now are extremely hostile to any wanderer they may come across. The Partypoopers stay in this level and frequently stay in the unlocked prison cells. They can be seen crying on the cot in a fetal position, because of mental trauma. upon eye contact, a Partypooper will quickly accelerate at speeds that exceed humanly possible, and rip you limp from limb as they have severe mental trauma and are enraged by the sights of wanderers, as they associate them with partygoers. It is only advisable to approach one if you somehow kill a Partypooper, you can take their mask and converse with Partypoopers safely as long as you don't reveal you are a wanderer. Some Partypoopers appear to have been infected with the Crawler Fungus.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Cryos Base Icarus

  • Cryos Base Icarus is a small base consisting of 4 members who have accidentally stumbled into 540, and have dedicated themselves to informing Cryos of the level.
  • Members of Icarus have contact with Cryos and is informing them of details about the level.

Entrances And Exits


To get here, you must ask the principal in level 52 to "Send you to ISS". You can also attempt to no-clip through the bars of the prison cell is Level 448, and it has a small chance of you appearing here. Finding a jail in Level 11 will send you here too.


If you can somehow convince the surgeon, he will grab you and no-clip you to level 109.

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