The Sound Garden

The Sound Garden is the 876th level of the Backrooms. The Sound Garden has been described as being a dimly lit cave, that changes behind you as you move forward. Sounds that with no sources echo throughout the caves, ranging to everyday noises, such as dogs barking, cars honking, or cats meowing, to the regular sounds of a cave, such as bats squeaking, water dipping from the ceiling, and the occasional rodent, to sounds that you'd only ever hear in movies. The farther you explore into the cave, the louder the noises become around you, driving you closer to madness with every second you spend here. The longer you stay, the louder the noise gets. If you stay here for long enough, you may meet the creator of these noises. A large, but docile being with a speaker for a head , this gentle giant roams the caves of the Sound Garden, searching for wanderes who may have been injured on a previous floor. The entity has been known to play various songs that wanderers enjoy, and will attempt to apply first aid, and has been dubbed "Melodia". There are several reports of a separate entity, but all evidence has proved inconclusive. After applying first aid to wanderers, Melodia lead them to the nearest exit, which is one of many. Each exit leads to a different level, each one randomized. There is a documented pattern however, with 50% of exits leading ot various upper levels, and 50% of exits leading to various lower levels. Not much else is known about Melodia or its habitat, but it is bereaved to be a safe area.

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