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An image taken through the mesh skylight within one of the cabins.

Level 179 is the 180th Level of the Backrooms. Within it sits a set of log cabins next to a pond, bordered by an indeterminate expanse of deciduous forest.


Level 179 is a simple pond surrounded by a grassy clearing, resting underneath a row of three cabins. The cabins sit exactly 60 feet apart from each other and are completely identical, made of finely-furnished wood.

Next to the cabins is a large pond with a 1.09 mile radius. The water is unusually warm (27 ℃) and filled exclusively with bluegill fish, which are not only safe for consumption but considered by many to be quite delicious. (Based on recent lab results, the fish are indistinguishable from the Frontrooms' bluegill fish, containing no unique or useful properties1, and therefore not classified as their own entity).


The exterior of "Cabin 1". The source of the porch's iridescent sheen is unknown, but not considered harmful at this time.

According to many who have visited the level, an "aura of peace" seems to surround it. The day-and-night cycle of Level 179 behaves in a similar manner to the Frontrooms, with the exception of Level 179's sparse stratocumulus clouds. While these clouds have a realistic appearance, they also have an anomalous affect in which their place in the sky is permanently fixed.

Attempts to discover the reason for this have been unsuccessful. This is largely due to any wanderer being incapable of remaining in the level for more than one single night. If a wanderer spends the night asleep in a cabin, they will awake in the morning only to feel strongly against spending any further time in the level. This urge has not been reported as painful or unpleasant, but interviewed visitors of Level 179 have continuously struggled to articulate their reason for having exited aside from a common phrase: "Out of respect."

Level 179 is known to cause a feeling of deep reverence in wanderers. This feeling will increase until the following morning, at which it plateaus before the wanderer decides to leave. Said reverence towards Level 179 has been reported by some to linger for weeks to months after exiting the level, with an even smaller portion reporting a sense of longing for it2. This may cause mild distress to some who crave the safety and warmth of the level, knowing they are unable to return.

Additionally, Level 179 remains in a constant state of summer. At night, however, no stars or moon(s) are present. Some wanderers who elected not to sleep during the level's nighttime phase have reported a feeling of unease when standing outside the cabin3. One wanderer has claimed that, upon creating a campfire, these effects can be mitigated.


An image of the pond from the perspective of "Cabin 2".

The subjectively negative aspects of this level, aside from one's desire to inevitably leave, is its explorable size. To the M.E.G.'s knowledge, no one has been able to actually enter the woods despite its very clear. Those who have attempted to do so report a "sense of guilt" so intense that they physically cannot bring themselves to cross. In light of this drawback, M.E.G. operatives have been prevented from studying its layout further.

Other notable aspects of this level include:

  • Only (up to) six wanderers are able to enter Level 179 at a time.
  • Each cabin includes one king-sized bed.
  • A battery-powered railroad lantern hangs from a hook on the porch of Cabin 2, but it cannot be turned on, even when batteries are inserted.
  • Upon refusal to enter the cabins at night, there is a small chance that one may hear the motor of a chainsaw echoing through the forest.
  • Time dilation is common. Wanderers inside the level, despite being denied a longer stay, often report feeling as though they had been living there for multiple days, or even weeks, despite having only experienced the level's nighttime phase once.
  • A working hypothesis is that Level 179 was created as a sort of "gift" to humanity by a powerful entity. There is no concrete evidence to support this, but every M.E.G. operative who has experienced Level 179 seems to mutually agree with this. Ideas of who this entity may be are widely debated, but based on information regarding various entities, Blanche and The Keymaster are the most likely candidates. This article will be updated accordingly if the creator of Level 179 is ever revealed.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no bases, communities, or outposts on this level.

Entrances And Exits


Enter a gray slide in Level 119 and fall through the third hole, which will send you splashing into the pond. Secure and waterproof all electronic devices before attempting this, especially if said devices are integral to your survival. If you have successfully entered Level 179 in the past, do not attempt to do so a second time. This level can only be entered once. Failing to follow these instructions may result in falling into a completely random level.


Once the wanderer desires to leave, be it a result of the the level's influence or their own decision, the exit is found within the very thin layer of woods bordering said level behind each cabin. These exits are in the form of painted, bright-green doors. The amount of doors correspond directly with the number of cabins present. Despite this, each door is engraved with the words, "Your Next Meal!" in black diner script. All of them lead to Level 984.

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