There is no one else here, just me. I’m writing this level page as a call for help if anyone really cares. I am stuck here alone after discovering this level myself. Well, I was a part of a team, we were exploring Level 3 together when I found a faulty elevator, and they told me to head inside alone. I did, and now I am here. This town is strange as well. In most places of this level I am unable to take photos, and something about the buildings here just weirds me out. I can’t quite put a finger on it.

I have been stuck here for almost a year now, luckily there is plenty of food and also outlets for my phone. I have unlimited data on my phone, so there is no need to worry about that. This level is perfectly safe, but even as an Introvert, the loneliness here gets to me.

This level is separated into multiple areas, the first is the aforementioned town. This is where I first arrived after exiting the faulty elevator on level 3. Well, I actually exited into one of the buildings in this level. The wallpaper and the floor of this building reminded me of level 0. My guess is that each building is based off of a different level of the Backrooms, which creeped me out. Sadly, these weren’t exits to any other levels though.

The second area is the garden. This is where I spend most of my time. The entrance is gated, and quite easy to open honestly. There are rose bushes, Daisies, Tulips, you name it. Pretty much every kind of flower is here. This area helps me calm down, and I mean it. It must be a side effect.

The third, well, I think some more avid explorers would like it. It’s a large cavern system, and it has many mysteries surrounding it. I would say that it is about 100,000 meters long total, between all of it’s paths. For one of it’s mysteries, I found a script written on the wall, and using the hints left behind in the cave, I discerned it to say this:

When Darkness Falls and the Sun doesn’t Rise, One would be left standing to suffer the burden of the Sun’s lies. Trapped alone to never see the light, with his eyes, the sun fades back into the sky.

I am unsure of what this even means. No matter how many times I reread it, I am still just as confused by this as ever. And surrounding this script is a bunch of cave drawings of people fighting an unknown entity, I’ll call it Lizzi just because of it’s reptilian appearance. Lizzi didn’t seem to want to fight the people, but was forced to because they attacked her, at least that is what it looked like from the expressions on the drawings.

Further into the caves is an open cavern full of almond water and other supplies, well, was, I stored it all in my backpack after all, since I am the only person here. And possibly will be the only person here for the rest of my miserable life. Well, not miserable, I guess.

There is also a strange statue, it has different gifts surrounding it, and I can only assume that it is based off some kind of deity that some people who used to live on this level worshipped. Although why someone would worship such a hideous creature is beyond me.

There is still more of this area for me to explore though, so let’s move on to something I have explored some of as well, the 4th area, the dark caverns. Well, this area looks exactly like the previous one, except for one thing. It’s much harder to see.

So, the 5th area is called the pond. This is where you end up when you exit the 4th area of this level. It is basically just a pond surrounded by Facelings with the level 11 effect. Usually, they are just fishing. And you can ask them for certain foods and they may give it to you if they can provide it.

I don’t come here often, mainly cus of how hard it is to get here. I don’t like going through the dark caverns because of my nyctophobia. I am terrified of the dark.

Well, that is the end of what I have explored so far. I will update this with more information if I ever find anything else.

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