Sleepy Hollow

Level 431:

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Very unfinished.

M.E.G. Database:

Event Log: 25480 | Type: Level | Discovery: 10/28/2021

These event logs details the exploration of the recently discovered Level 431 after an invitation was sent out by a mysterious Group of Interest. This mission was carried out by regiment Compass Point "Earthbound".

Begin Log:

Kim: Alright, Compass Point 4-4 reporting back to Aaliyah, how's the lovely people doing over there? Over.

Aaliyah: Doing good Kim, setting up our tracking systems now.

Kim: Good, anyone ready over here?

(The camera pans to the rest of the Team standing around within Level 9.)

Carissa: Almost done. Just checking our supplies.

Fredrick: Flashlights?

John: Check…

Fredrick: Snack bars?

John: Mhm…

Fredrick: Water?

John: Yeah, we pretty much have everything.

(John signals the Team with giving a thumbs up.)

Carissa: Alright, now we just wait.

Kim: Are all systems a go? Over.

Aaliyah: Almost, just waiting for the Overseer command. Over.

Kim: Right, should be good to go soon.

Kyle: Damn, isn't this entrance scary.

Carissa: Yeah, giant metal gates with scary faces isn't too welcoming.

Kim: Especially the metal spiked fence… is that barbed wire?

Aaliyah: Mission was approved by Overseer-C. We are good to go.

(Earthbound Take a last look around Level 9 before heading into the unexplored Level.)

John: Uhh… what if we don't make it out of this place?

Carissa: Sigh… it's for the better of humanity. Best for us to find out what lies ahead first before anyone else gets hurt.

John: I guess you're right…

Fredrick: Besides, we don't even know if this Level is dangerous.

John: And that's what scares me.

Kim: Don't worry, we can do this guys.

(The gate of Level 431 opens miraculously, scaring the Team.)

Kyle: Yeah, that shouldn't happen.

Kim: Guess we're going in…

Carissa: Alright team, let's get this show on the road!

(The Team walk into the Level, and the camera shows a small cave-like structure that is shrouded in complete darkness. Luckily, the flashlights seemed to work. Earthbound makes their way through the cave, eventually reaching an opening.)

Kyle: I see an exit in the distance!

John: And for a second I thought this was another Level 8.

Kim: Shh!

(The Team stops in their tracks from the sudden response from Kim.)

John: What?

Kim: Shush… bats…

(The camera points upwards, revealing a large pack of bats hanging from the ceiling of the cave. The Team whispers to each other in a attempt to not disturb the sleeping bats.)

John: Shit… I hate bats.

Kyle: Let's just go, we won't have to deal with them.

(The Team agree, and make their way towards the opening, which once reached, they contact Aaliyah once more.)

Kim: Phew! Okay, Compass Point 4-4 reporting surroundings. Seems to be a giant forest expanse in the dead of night in the distance from our entrance. Very foggy, and trees have barely any leaves. Aaliyah what's the status over there?

Aaliyah: Wh- I can't- losing- connec-

(Team "Earthbound" are now disconnected from Team "The Operatives". The Team now need to depend on themselves.)

Kim: Aaliyah? Aaliyah come in! Shit… coms dead.

Carissa: Groans. Of course.

Fredrick: Yeah, no WiFi connection here either.

John: Well wadda ya' expect with that?

(Fredrick paces back and forth trying to think of a plan.)

Kyle: The fog is so thick I can't make out a thing.

Kim: At least we have a giant glowing moon here… hey, what's that over there?

(A light can be seen in the distance of the forest making its way to Earthbound.)

Fredrick: What in the…

Kyle: The fuck is that?

(The light moves closer and closer until it takes shape. It seems to be a carriage and two horses. Two bright lanterns on each side.)

John: H- horses? Buggy?

Carissa: Must be the people who invited us…

Fredrick: We must be some very special guests.

Carissa: I guess so. Let's see where this goes.

(The carriage had stopped about a mile away from Earthbound. A man and woman emerge from the carriage doors and wave at the Team from afar.)

John: Um, I don't know about this guys…

Fredrick: Does it look like we have any other choice?

John: I uhh- um… no, not really.

(Earthbound make their way towards the mysterious carriage in the distance.)

James: Greetings fair people, my name is James Timothy finkton, you may call me James, and this is my love Annie.

Annie: Pleasure to meet all of you.

(James and Annie take a small bow to Earthbound.)

John: Are we supposed to-

Carissa: Just do it.

(Earthbound take a small bow back in return.)

James: Annie and I have been enthusiastic about your arrival.

Annie: We cannot wait to show you around our homeland!

John: I gotta say, this buggy is pretty neat!

Annie: A special arrival courtesy of our family.

(As John walks around the carriage to admire its beauty, but once he got to the front, he noticed the driver. The near shock pushed him to the ground as he trembled in fear.)


Carissa: John what the hell are you-


(The camera pans to the front of the carriage which reveals the headless driver.)

Fredrick: Uhh oh- uhh- oh- okay then…

James: Please, do not be afraid. Our horsemen are not here to hurt you.

Kim: Horsemen? Like the headless horseman?

John: You're telling me you have headless people running around on horses?!

Annie: I can see that this isn't in the realm of normal for you.

Carissa: Normal? Nah, but we've seen some stuff in The Backrooms.

James: You mean, The Horrifying Beyond?

Carissa: Whatever you call it, yeah.

James: Well, whatever it is, please, come with us. The Count requests it.

Kyle: Count?

Fredrick: It's a royalty thing.

(Earthbound make their way into the carriage, albeit very cramped. The carriage starts to move once everyone was inside. The carriage traverses the dark forest following a path leading to a shaky wooden bridge with a roof. Once out, a sign is visible with the name of the land.)

Kim: Sleepy Hollow…

Annie: Ahh yes, our little home.

James: Annie has lived here far longer then myself. I'm twenty-one, and she is only two-hundred and eighty-three years old.

John: T- Two-hundred and what?!

James: Haha! Yes! In her lifetime she is considered twenty-eight.

John: B- but that's not-

Annie: We all must be very different from your home I see.

Carissa: Yes, this is very interesting for us and well… scary for John.

John: Pfft, shut up.

Carissa: Sigh…

Kyle: Don't talk like that to your captain.

Carissa: Kyle, it's fine. He's just scared, I don't blame him.

Annie: I hope my presence isn't ruining anything.

Carissa: It's fine Annie, don't worry about it.

James: Aha! We are almost there! Welcome to the Village of Ichor.

(The carriage slowly traverses through the village street. The villagers stop and freeze once they noticed it. Most retreated back to their homes and slammed the windows, while others stood and stared at the carriage. The villagers seemed to be in a state poverty, wearing torn clothing and dirt on their faces, some seemed to be overworked or starving.)

Fredrick: My god, these people.

Annie: Yes, we are attempting to… figure things out.

James: Indeed we are, and this is why we invited you here today.

Carissa: Wow, I hope we could make a difference.

James: We as well wish the same. We will negotiate once we reach the castle.

Kim: Woah…

(The camera turns to reveal a large castle close by, they soon make it up to the castle as the carriage parks itself for their guests to enter. The castle doors open widely as a butler-type figure walks down the entrance stairway, greeting the rest of Team Earthbound.)

The Butler: Greetings, travelers from the Horrifying Beyond. May your visit be filled with satisfaction and well-being. Shall we…?

John: This stuff's nuts!

Kyle: A word Captain…

(The rest of Earthbound walk inside the castle entrance, as Kyle pulls aside Carissa to explain his concerns. Kim turns the camera towards the two on their conversation. The discussion is too far to hear properly within the recording, but the proper lines has been filled for this Log.)

Carissa: Okay, what's up?

Kyle: This isn't safe. You know walking right into a castle in the middle of unknown territory could get us killed, right?

Carissa: I know, and that's why I'm keeping an eye on these guys. This ain't no Halloween party, and something's up.

Kyle: I see, I'm still confused as to why we're walking inside of this thing?

Carissa: Don't wanna rise suspicion, do we? Don't worry, I got this…

Kyle: Sigh. If you say so.

(Carissa walks through the entrance to the castle, where Kim was waiting patiently. Kyle with hesitation, walked closely behind.)

Kim: So, what was that all about?

Carissa: Nothing really, just follow me.

Kim: Righty-o cap…

(The Butler lead the rest of the Team towards the main dining hall, with the Butler himself acting fairly quiet until he spoke.)

The Butler: The Count has been looking forward to his… fresh visitors. Fairwell…

Kim: Excuse m-

(Kim turns the camera towards The Butler from the chilling words that were spoken. But when she did, The Butler had mysteriously vanished into the thin air, with no trace in sight.)

Kim: Uhh, wh- oh- o- okay… sure.

(Kim catches up to the rest of the Team, while Fredrick, John, James and Annie were already at the tables having dinner with The Count.)

The Count: Aha! Yes… welcome Carissa Dent, I've been anticipating your kind's arrival for quite a long while now.

Carissa: Wait… how do you know my name?

The Count: I know plenty about you. In-fact, I know a lot about your whole team of… explorers.

Annie: Everyone! Please take a seat and enjoy yourselves.

John: W- well… I'm n- not hungry…

The Count: Well, that is fine, we have some beverages if you care to have some.

Peterson: Would anyone like some wine?

Fredrick: Haven't had some in ages, so sure!

John: I- I don't… drink either.

The Count: Ahh, right. I suppose I need to introduce everyone to the family. As you had already met my daughter Annie and her lovely partner James, this is Peterson, the oldest sibling out of all.

Peterson: It is a pleasure to serve all of you here today.

The Count: He had set this whole dinner into motion for us tonight.

Carissa: Why thank you Peter, it is a pleasure to met you.

The Count: Then there is Henry, he is an artist and our decorator. He has made many of the wonderful paintings you see throughout our home.


The Count: He doesn't speak often, especially in-front of our new special guests. But then there is Elizabeth, my second daughter. She is our family maid as the last one.. well, let's just say it didn't end so well for them.

Elizabeth: Well, I also enjoy tending the garden. With our… pretty flowers.

John: W- well those flowers we're pretty dry and shriv-

Carissa: Shh…

The Count: No no, it's fine really, we just have a specific style you could say. Well, on the other hand, we have Timothy, the youngest in our family.

Timothy: Hi…

The Count: He's fairly shy, so don't worry. As for my love, Elena… she is no longer with us today.

Timothy: Daddy said that mommy left us to do her own things.

The Count: That is correct dear Timothy.

Fredrick: Well, I thank you and your family for the dinner tonight Count, it's very pleasant and kind of you.

The Count: Oh please Fredrick, call me Vracculon.

John: S- s- so you are l- like… a- a Count? Like Dracula?

(The Count pauses for a minute, giving a surprised look at John.)

The Count: You know of my father?

(Earthbound gain chills as they realize who they're having dinner with.)

John: W- wait, you're a v-

Kim: Uhh- words go around I guess…

The Count: I suppose it does…

(Fredrick quietly spits the murky red wine back into the cup.)

Fredrick: Uhm… w- what is this wine made out of…?

Peterson: Well you see, it's a family recipe we had for many many years.

Annie: It's personally my favorite recipe that we have.

The Count: Now, Carissa, we have a few words of business to discuss.

Carissa: Well… what may we do to help?

The Count: To begin, you may have seen the people of our village in… poor conditions.

Annie: We simply just don't have enough to give to the people anymore. We're running low on important recourses.

Kyle: Well what do you expect us to do?

The Count: The answer to such question is a surprisingly simple one. Since we have recently been aware of other civilizations within The Horrifying Beyond, we realized that there must be people that could assist us in our darkest times, we are in dire need of help. We would like your kind to start a small group of sorts within our domain to supply us with various vital recourses.

Peterson: From there, we could possibly set up a trade system for the both of us. So we won't be taking everything you have without giving back.

The Count: Yes, I'm afraid Peterson is right. We simply just don't have enough for proper trades at the moment. Before we could repay for our shipments, we must rely on you until we can grow back to where we once were.

Elizabeth: This is the first time we've been… poor.

Kyle: You call this dinner poor?

Carissa: That's enough Kyle, look… I'm afraid that we'd have to deny that offer.

The Count: Uhm… I don't think you understand our circumstances.

Carissa: No, we do. It's just that you don't seem to understand our own. You see, the place you call The Horrifying Beyond, we call The Backrooms. We at The M.E.G. don't have enough recourses to supply yet another large population of people, as we are already supplying millions. Besides, it isn't necessarily our job to supply shipments of that size. That's for The Backrooms Non-Aligned Trade Group to handle.

The Count: Well this is outrageous. From what I had seen, you had supplied many people in the past, why not now hmm? Can't you see that we don't have enough to live?

Carissa: Well-

Kyle: No, the people in your village, don't have enough to live… you do.

(The Family paused their actions, and look straight towards Kyle in unison.)

Kim: Uhh, guys?

Carissa: Kyle, what are you doing?

Kyle: Telling the full truth, Carissa. This isn't right.

John: C- can you guys stop? I don't feel comfortable here.

Carissa: This isn't the time Kyle!

Kyle: We may not have enough to give to these guys, but they have enough.

Carissa: Kyle! Not now! Do you know who these guys are?!

Kyle: Yes! And they are lying about being poor!

Carissa: You act like I didn't know that!

Kim: Guys!

The Count: Ahem…

(There is a moment of science, as sweat drips from each member of Earthbound.)

The Count: Clearly, it seems that the deal has been denied. And from this… our true dinner has been served.

(The Family stood up from their seats in unison, terrifying Earthbound. John fallen over in his seat, quickly getting up keeping his pace as he sprints out of the castle.)

Elizabeth: Oh, I've been hoping for this…

The Count: Feast my children! Feast!

Carissa: RUN!

(The rest of Earthbound sprint their way to find the exit as the Vampire Family leap towards them. Vracculon seems to stay behind.)

Kim: Shit! Shit SHIT!

(Kim loses the rest of the Team while running away from Annie, who is chasing her.)

Annie: Come here! I've been starving!

(The footage shows Kim running throughout halls after halls until she sees James in-front of her.)


James: No no! Wait! I'm not a Vampire! I can stop her!

Kim: What are you doing?!

(James jumps onto Annie in an attempt to stop her from chasing Kim.)

Annie: Get out of my way!

James: No! I can't let you do this! I love you! There has to be a way to stop your everlasting hunger!

Annie: Ugh! I've had enough of you!

(Annie swiftly leans in to take a bite. James screams in pain. Kim sprints away to save herself as James' screams echo down the halls.)

Kim: (Intense breathing) I got to get the fuck out of here!

End Log:

Level 431

Sleepy Hollows

Level 431 is the 432nd Level of The Backrooms, and is considered to be one of the most dangerous Levels in The Backrooms so far. The Level consists of large plains of biomes and villages. The Level always has a thick layer of fog covering the land and it is always nighttime with a large bright yellow moon. The land itself has a vast variety of areas such as forests, hills, swamps, lakes, rivers, etc.

Village of Ichor

The Vampiric Hierarchy

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Village of Dusk

The Restless Hunt

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Village of Must

The Enchanted Swamp

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Village of Mist

The Ominous Harbor

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Traveling Circus

The Ominous Fairground

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The Dollhouse

The Tea Party

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Haunted Forest

The Forbidden Path

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The Catacombs

The Ruins of Bone

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Creaky Railroad

The Path of The Ghost Train

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Cryptic Caverns

The Arachnid Hive

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Shallow Graveyard

The Risen Undead

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Midnight Castle

The Halls of The Goblin King

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Crooked Tower

The Lonesome Inventor

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Space In Between

The Monsters Under The Bed

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The Edge

The Point of No Return

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The Residents of Sleepy Hollows

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The Bloodlust Overlords

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The Midnight Pack

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The Wielders of Witchcraft

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Swamp Creatures

The Murky End

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Ghosts and Ghouls

The Lost Ones

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The Deceitful Minions

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The Mad Scientist

The Ingenious Mind

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The Experiment

The Mindless Creation

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The Horsemen

The Headless Cavalry

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The Wisps

The Lurking Demise

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Lady in The Well

The Silent Song

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The Wandering Undead

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Hollow Arachnids

The Crawling Chill

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Hollow Bats

The Forever Night

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Hollow Crows

The Watchful Anxiety

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The Comedic Horror

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The Ringmaster

The Circus Leader

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Giggling Trees

The Laughing Bark

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The Ghost Walker

The Restless Traveler

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The Storyteller

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Ghost Train

The Living Locomotive

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Ghost Ship

The Sunken Specter

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The Dweller

The Sea Serpent

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The Only Salvation

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The Watchtower

The Edge Guardian

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Midnight Moon

The Hollow Sky

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The Tall One

The Soundless Myth

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