Skigglyram25 - "The Playground"

Enigmatic Level: The playground


Class unknown

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"The playground" is an enigmatic level in the backrooms that resembles a playground with varying levels of quality. The entirety of the level is constantly shrouded in a large thick fog that disrupts sight. The level in question has 3 primary areas that can be explored being the Playground, The Fields and The Park. This level is reported to be cold with temperatures dropping to 30 degrees Fahrenheit (-1.1 Celsius) during daytime hours in extreme cases. This level has 2 states, day and night, The level changes between these 2 states every 16 hours. When this level turns to night the temperature drops drastically and it has been reported to snow. Temperatures can drop up to -10 Degrees Fahrenheit (-23.3 Celsius) so it is recommended to have protective clothing and a light source

This level is unpredictable as its danger level is dependent on the mental state of the wanderer currently residing in it. As the wanderer's mental state decreases Entities become more hostile and commonplace seemingly being drawn closer. The environment can become distorted in a variety of ways such as change of color or distortion of landscape. The temperature will also become unbearably cold or hot at random while experiencing these distortions. It is known these are not an illusion but physical changes to the surroundings Though a wanderer will mostly not notice a drop in sanity as this level causes increased levels of euphoria. it is not known weather this is an anomalous effect or caused by the fog encasing the level.

It is believed this level may duplicate itself based on how many wanderers are in. Due to the fact a wanderer has never been reported meeting another wanderer and one may not experience the mental distortions of another. This has caused M.E.G Scientist to come to the conclusion that 2 wanderers can not exist in the same place at the same time on this level therefore they are in 2 different versions of the level at once.

The Playground


The Playground is the primary area of this level. As stated beforehand it resembles a playground with varying quality and/or rust. The ground here consist of rotten damp mulch which has been soaked with almond water.

This area contains things like swings, slides, seesaws, and other playground equipment. Most of this equipment seems to be rusted away and almost unusable. These areas despite being the most common areas seem to be the smallest, only spanning about a mile in length on each side.

In this area feint, child laughter can sometimes be heard. The source of this laughter can be located and is heard to be moving around the playground almost as if the sound we're a physical object. This seems to have a large effect on sanity. The closer to the sound the worse the effect.

The fields


This area of "The playground" is deemed to be the safest area on the level. In this area, the fog is the most intense. This area is the largest on the level with it taking up an unknown amount of space. This area consists of long winding dirt paths that lead to the other 2 areas of this level. These roads are often inconsistent with unnecessary loops and dead ends being commonplace.

Traveling off the road and into the fog is unadvised as any who have done so have either been sent to level 280 or we're never seen again. Wanderers report not noticing the change in scenery to level 280 until they tripped over one of the steps. In this area, the entities are most uncommon and spread out.

The Park


This is of the level is the 2nd largest. This level consists of a place resembling community parks. Instead of playground equipment, there are benches and fountains scattered randomly about. This level like "The Fields" have long but straighter paths, these paths are surrounded on both sides by thick trees and bushes.

This place is dangerous however due to entities being known to hide in the trees and ambush lost wanderers. The fountains here seem to repel entities as they are known to avoid them. The fountains themselves are filled with almond water. This is safe to drink though it has a bitter and cold taste. Wanderers report a feeling of extra tranquility when in this area despite the imminent danger.

Communities and Outpost

Due to the mind altering and isolating properties of this level no outpost have been established to M.E.Gs understanding.


The Entities that reside here are

Discovered Entities


* Dwellers - These Entities resemble a tall grey statue. They seem to be constructed out of varying types of concrete or stone with varying conditions of quality. These Entities' behavior depends on the mental state of the wanderer who is encountering them as dose everything else on this level. This can also have physical effects on the entity as if the wanderer has a strong mental state and high sanity Dwellers will mostly stay away and appear as a clean concrete statue, though you may catch a glimpse of one in the fog or trees the wanderer has a poor mental state Dwellers will appear often. They will appear old, and moldy and will seem to have cracks and holes in their concrete figure. While in this state Dwellers will stalk its victim, hiding in the trees or fog, only giving its prey glimpses of itself to further wear down sanity. After a while of doing this, they will attack killing the victim via blunt force. Drinking almond water or raising sanity can repel these Dweller attacks. However, avoiding Dwellers at night is very easy as their eyes will emit a bright light near their location making them easy to detect. Though these creatures will attempt to disguise themselves as decoration to lure prey.


* The Trees - These entities are almost completely unknown to us. They appear in the park area of this level. Their physical appearance is unknown. When this entity is present the fog becomes much thicker making it almost impossible to see. These entities like the Dweller will stalk their victims and also have eyes that become more visible during the night. It is not known how this entity attacks as a survived attack has never been reported. Though getting to an area where there are no trees or bushes to hide in will allow escape from this creature only if still in the stalking process. This method doesn't work at night and the creature will follow you and stalk you no matter what, if this happens your only choice is to exit the level or area as a whole.

Entrances and Exits


Finding and using a piece of playground equipment on Level 10 will cause a transition to this level

Jumping into a foggy pit on Level Fun

Dreams of childhood can fade into this level

Falling asleep in a car on Level 69 can take you to this level


Snapping out of the state of euphoria and fully clearing your head while having high amounts of sanity might eventually take you to Level 200

Attempting to play on the playground equipment for an extended time can take you back to Level Fun

Walking off the trail and into the Fog will either send you to Level 280 or an unknown fate

In rare cases falling asleep on the level may send you to Level 18

Walking far into the trees of the park area may take you to Level 302

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