Skigglyram25 - "The Endless Bus"

Level 11.2 - "The Endless Bus"


Class 1

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Level 11.2 of the backrooms is a sublevel of level 11. This level resembles the inside of a bus from varying periods being from 1829 to an unknown point in the future. The inside of the bus appears to stretch on for an infinite amount of time. On the seats of the bus, there are bags containing things commonplace in the frontrooms like brushes and keys that go to nothing.

Upon entering the bus it will appear indistinguishable from a regular bus. Though it is absent a driver. These buses have never been seen moving and are reported to just appear rarely at random. Once you have entered the bus the doors will shut behind you via an unknown force and it will begin to drive. quickly the outside of the bus will be shrouded in darkness. Attempting to look out of the windows reveals the bus to be floating in an endless black void. It is theorized weither this is its own pocket dimension of sorts or the actual void itself. After a short amount of time, you will notice the bus has become infinitely longer in absence of your viewing.

You are free to wander this bus as almost no Entities reside here. At random intervals throughout the bus, you will find 2 doors to your left and right accompanied by a driver's seat. This seat will mostly be empty but sometimes small packets of randomly assorted supplies can be found there


-The Attendant

This is the only type of entity that resides on this level. It it reported that there are multiple of it scattered around the level due to the fact it can be encountered at one point, wander in the opposite direction, and be encountered again further on. This entity wears a dark blue suit with dark dress shoes and a blue colored cap. It carry's a spiked police baton. This entity's skin is fully grey and its face seems to be covered in eyes. Some wanderers report it only having 1 large eye while others report seeing almost hundreds of small eyes.

If this entity sees you it will warn you that being out of your seat is against the rules. Sitting down will cause it to remain docile. After this, you can wait for him to pass by and resume walking. Though if you act aggressively or refuse its order it will begin to approach you, it is reported to match a wanderers speed. If you do not comply with its orders it will attack the wanderer, though remember sitting down at any point will cause it to remain docile again. This entity seems to be deaf but can see in all directions despite the fact it may have only 1 or no eyes.

Entrances & Exits


- There is only one way to enter this level. This is by entering a bus on Level 11


-Stepping out of one of the doors by one of the driver's seats has a 30% chance to send you to level Level 9 and a 70% chance to send you to a random level.

-Falling asleep in one of the seats has a chance to send you to Level 35

-Breaking one of the windows and jumping out will send you to The Blackout

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