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Scene-02.7: M.E.G.: Level 61|The Leaders: "The Rural Scene-4"



The grasslands of Scene-02.7.

Scene-02.7 Is an A-Ranked Secret Scene of The DevRooms, it was discovered by an explorator on 11/18/1973.

Layout and Effects:

Scene-02.7 is a Rural Scene comprised of grassy hills and rusted old trains littered across the fields. Many locations are held here such as the trainyard which holds various shacks and the trains themselves. The land of Scene-02.7 is a large and seemingly infinite expanse of hills and grass which seems to match the southern area of the United States, such as Texas. The grass itself being a sunburnt yellow in color, and estimated to be 12 to 18 inches tall.

Many different shacks and barns can be found littered across the grasslands in disrepair.

The Trainyard:


The Trainyard of Scene-02.7.

This area holds a landscape of many trains that remain out of order, with many tracks that expand for miles ahead.

Recorded Civilizations:

The Invisible Spiders:

Access and Egress:

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