{Entity Research Report by Dr. Greg Smith of M.E.G research division}

This is a documentation based on a single incident report and subsequent interview regarding a newly discovered and apparently dangerous entity that appeared in Level 11 then disappeared after claiming the life or body of one of the level's resident wanderers.

Based on my interview with the subject, I have ascertained the following information regarding this entity.

It presents itself as an apparent rift or tear in spacetime, a hole in the air.

It emits sounds akin to music that seem to compel those who hear it to approach it. Its radius of effect is unknown.

It seems to have cognito hazardous effects on awareness that seem to intensify based on proximity to the entity that also induce a deep sense of dread in listeners minds.

The entity is capable of compelling multiple individuals to approach it with this music.

Covering ears or shutting out sound perception in some way seems to mitigate the compelling influence and mental fog to an extent but does not perfectly protect individuals from them.

Individuals who come into direct contact with the entity disappear without a trace.

Upon contact, the entity disappears and seems to spirit away whomever got too close to it first.

It is unknown if individuals taken by the entity remain alive somewhere. They are assumed dead unless they otherwise turn up in the future.

The entity can apparently appear in otherwise safe levels at random, possibly could appear in any level at any time however there is currently insufficient data to ascertain the validity of this hypothesis.

It is unknown who or what this entity is nor is it known where it came from or where it took its only as of yet reported victim.

It is assumed to be highly dangerous and it is hereby advised that anyone who hears a mysterious and compelling song to not follow it.

Cover your ears and get as far away from the area as possible. Do not approach the hole if you encounter it, report its presence if you do encounter it or hear a strange song not normally present in whatever level you are wandering. You will most likely die if you do not heed these warnings.

The following is my interview with a survivor and sole witness to the entity.

{M.E.G interview log Sigma 12, Mysterious Anomaly Report}

{Interviewer: M.E.G Researcher; Dr. Greg Smith, Interviewee: civilian resident of level 11; Toni Fernand}

<Begin Interview Transcription>

{Dr.Greg} "Hello Mr. Fernand, I have heard of your report that you lost a friend to an unknown entity. I was not briefed on much of the details but I was asked to look into the matter to try to ascertain the nature of what happened."

{Toni} "I don't really want to talk about it."

{Dr.Greg} "I can understand why, and I am sorry for your loss…However, it is important to try figuring out what happened and document it so others can better be prepared for it if it happens in the future. You understand this right?"

{Toni} "Y.yeah…I…But I just don't get it man, Level 11 is supposed to be safe but this thing was just there and…Howard he..*trails off ino silence*

{Dr.Greg} "I know it is difficult to handle your grief and emotions right now"

{Toni} "Sure you do…or maybe you actually do, I don't freaking know your story pfft…*Toni Sighs* Alright I will tell you what happened.

{Dr.Greg} "Thank you Mr. Fernand…Why don't we start from the beginning?"

{Toni} "Sure…So me and Howard, we were just wandering around the city in Level 11 and hanging out. We were having a good time just relaxing and walkin down the sidewalks when we started to hear something odd. Something I never heard before yet, it was somehow vaguely familiar but I couldn't figure out what it was however it was like music. We felt very curious and decided to follow the music.

See, I was a musician in the past so this intrigued me as much as it kinda scared me. I wanted to find out what was making that strange music and Howard was on the same page so, it seemed we simply couldn't stop moving closer to the sound to find it.

We kept walking and it was getting louder and a bit more crisp, less distant. As I drew closer to it, it became louder and clearer. It all sounded like flutes and harps but, they were off in some way. It was eerie, like something for a horror movie or something.

My mind was suddenly blank and my feet seemed to walk on their own accord towards the source of the music. It started to become distorted the closer I got, horrific like some choir chanting a fugue or melody. I somehow managed to will myself to cover my ears out of fear.

This helped me regain my senses but I could still hear it. Howard kept moving forward but did not cover his ears and he had a blank trance like expression on his face as he walked around a corner into an alley between buildings.

I had a really unsettling feeling in my gut and my hairs all stood on end in anticipation of something terrible in spite of the fact this level is supposed to be completely safe. I couldn't just let him keep going alone so I decided to follow him but kept my ears covered.

I turned around the corner into a dead end alleyway that opens up around into a box shape made of the red bricked buildings. The sun was directly overhead and it was shining down through the roofs and glinting off of a green dumpster. Next to it was the strangest thing I ever saw.

It was a vantablack hole the shape of an ellipsoid suspended in midair. Its edges were distorted and bent like gravitational lensing of light around black holes. But this obviously wasn't a black hole…It was, something different. Howard stared at it as he slowly and wordlessly walked towards it.

I was momentarily frozen in place right in front of it. It's song was making me cry and my face was contorting into fearful expressions as I stared deep into the black abysmal depths of this mysterious singing hole. My mind void of thoughts and feeling only fear. I felt like I was being sucked into something by an unseen force. My spine was tingling and a sense of all encompassing dread was all that remained of my mind.

Before I knew what was going on, It was too late. I came to my senses and the hole was gone, Howard was…gone.

There was no more music so I uncovered my ears and just stood there staring at the wall behind where the hole used to be.

I stood there for three hours man…I couldn't stop replaying it in my head…I still can't. The Hole in the Air ate my friend and I don't know why…"

{Dr.Greg} "I see…This is a terrible thing you have endured and you have my deepest condolences. You don't have to continue if you do not want to."

{Toni} "Thank you…Can I leave now? I need to go home, lie down and just sleep…"

{Dr.Greg} "Yes Mr.Ferand, you may leave. I think I have as much information as I need to have a rough enough idea to record a new entity into the database. Your contribution is appreciated."

<End Interview Transcription>

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