Level 208 - "The Indoor Playground"

From Videos and Photography it appears to be in a building as seen by the added image taken from one of the protruding net rooms. It is a void outside of it, nothing there.


Level 208 is the 209th level in the backrooms.


Level 208 is a claustrophobic jungle gym. It resemble a playground like the ones at children's attractions and fast food diners. It has multiple colors for every connecting piece consisting of mostly red, blue, yellow, and rarely green. It seemingly expands infinitely down and up, and infinitely east to west.

It has a constant smell of rotting corpses with no source. When looking out of the plastic windows and rope cages it seems to be an empty void, although its hard to tell because as far as the eye can see its all just platforms. Average males would have an extremely difficult time navigating the tight spaces designed for toddlers. The only changing properties of Level 208 are the net cages protruding from the colorful tubes. This also happens to the tiny colorful rooms with the large space ship like plastic window. They seem to grow and shrink, they also can sometimes have doors that lead to a different areas of the playground. This can be useful to escape entities. Old chocolate bars can be found around, there is also cashew water, but in half drank bottles only, Almond Water can be found but only in 6 ounce 'pure water' water bottles, meant for children. I should also mention to watch where you step when crossing in different segments/rooms. Rooms are connected by bridges, more on that in the bottom. Overall this place can prove dangerous but can be tamed. Because of its predictability, people often set up camps for people who have found themselves in the maze, and don't know to simply fall asleep. The camps are typically barren though, with only notes left behind for wanderers due to all of the M.E.G being slaughtered by the many entities.

Level 208 seems to have puddles around with Almond Water puddles sitting in some of the weight dented platforms. It is unclear how the Almond Water gets there because there is no signs of dripping, and weirdly enough the Almond Water leaves no water damage. It is very dirty, and the dirt cannot seem to be cleaned off. The biggest risk in Level 208 is that of hallucinations, after approximately 2 hours and 50 minutes you will hallucinate the laughter of children. 3 hours in you will start forgetting the predictable patterns of the environment. You do not want to keep going past 3 hours and 30 minutes. You will start hallucinating the screams of children, they will not stop screaming for nothing. You will be unable to sleep which means you are trapped until you either die, or your brain thinks you went deaf and blocks out any noises, which is very dangerous. At the 4 hour Mark, an event that has not been officially been confirmed as an entity or just vivid hallucinations will seemingly chase the wanderer into the endless abyss. The thing that makes it hard to determine if it is hallucinations or an entity is that it never catches the wanderer, it chases them to death. You could hypothetically run for an eternity and the thing with only match your speed and never catch you, if you try to stop it will continue to run at you in the corner of your eye. An I must say the sketch reports recovered from the Playground prove that you really feel the need to run away from this thing. It is completely black, it is very uncanny valley, it looks very human. It has many rows of teeth, soul ripping red eyes. It appears to run on all fours after the wanderer. Most wanderers who are killed by this strange event seem to have a heart attack/cardiac arrest. We know this because whatever that thing is doesn't dispose of any bodies, the bodies are typically picked off by Hounds.

Level 208 has many entities, but are very widespread. So if you avoid one than you should be good for a while. There are Deathmoths, Hound, Skin-Stealers, Wretches, Crawlers, and lastly The Mangled. Most of these entities you can escape by fleeing into a small space. The main entities that could post a threat are the Hounds, because they are spotted more in Level 208 than in any other level. They are also very used to the environment of Level 208, as it is the same all the time unlike Level 0. By far the weirdest thing about the entities of Level 208 is the fact that this is the only place that The Mangled have been spotted outside of Level 9 and Level 9.1. It is believed that they utilize a secret no-clip point in one of the fast food joints of Level 9, whether it is accidental or intentional is undetermined.

Room 1: The Jungle

This room is where a wanderer would most likely no-clip into, it is also some of the most dangerous to non-seasoned wanderers who have not found the patterns of the Playground, entities have also learned that wanderers appear here, so they typically stalk the Jungle the most. This is the most chaotic layout out of all of the rooms.

Room 2: The Bridges

The Bridges are connecting points to the different rooms. This is by far the most deadly thing in the playground as they have killed the most wanderers. When crossing one of the flat, seat belt like rope cages, they have a chance of tossing and turning and even sometimes spinning around when trying to cross, many harmful things could happen in this event. You could get your neck caught in the twisting ropes and end up getting suffocated(By far the best outcome). You could get one of your limbs stuck in the ropes and either succumb to blood clots, Hounds or other entities, hallucinations, dehydration, starvation. There is a wildly rare chance you could get no-clipped into Level 208.1. Overall your better off finding a nicely white painted wooden doors. The door which allow easy and swift access to Level 208.1, although it is extremely rare. Whenever you're about to cross, you get excruciating anxiety that nearly prevents you from crossing, typically if a person crosses in front of you across the Bridge and make it safely across, the debilitating anxiety will immediately leave your body.

Room 3: The corridors

They are long, completely parallel colorful tubes that at every 20th connection point you can either turn left or right which lead to what looks like infinity. You will no longer be on a timed basis due to hallucinations, you are now free to take your time because entity count so far is devoid I should mention that it is a tiny crawl space like the traditional colorful tubes. Occasionally, about every 100th tube connection you have to take a left for about 10 tubes then take an immediate right. After doing this for 10 more times, the 11th left turn will take you into the final destination of Level 208.

Room 4: The Decent

In this room you are forced to descend the triangle platforms that are used to allow children up and down from the playground. There is about 336,987 triangle platforms to descend. Once you have descended you will reach Level 2.1. The only dangerous obstacle is the loss of footing, you don't want to hit your head 336,987 times.


  • Possible controlled no-clip point in Level 9
  • If you pass out in Level 3 spontaneously without another wanderer having eyes on your body, you may no-clip into Level 208
  • There may be an entrance through Level 283


  • There is not many known exits, the best way is to fall asleep and enter REM, the downside being that anything can get you. This will not be the end of your journey through Level 208
  • Another way is to go entirely through Level 208 and through its 4 different rooms. Then you will end up in Level 208.1 The downside being it is a long travel and you may encounter the event of 208 and 208.1

Level 208.1 will be waiting for you.

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