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"Will you stay in The West?"
Oh nevermind



Class Variable

  • Varying Safety
  • Undertermined Security
  • Diverse Entity Count

Level 187 [THE CITY OF TERROR] is 188th level of The Backrooms.


The First Ever Picture Taken of Level 187


Level 187 looks like a City from year 2010s and is recently discovered by some M.E.G explorers. This City is divided into 5 different sections1 This city is roughly 1300 km22 There is always Early Morning here.
Let's get into detail description of each section of this level :


The Inside of "TOWER OF VERONICA" of Level 187

The Central
This is the region where the person spawns. This region looks like Adminstration of this city. Huge Skyscrapers can be found here. Entering Building Titled "The Tower Of Veronica" will first give a strange Déja vú experience. Going 3 miles straight in the building will reach at The M.E.G "Base Of Terror" consists of 23 members . This is a Café also and a trading hub to trade items. This region consists of roughly 100-120 different Types of Skyscrapers that looks exactly same as the Actual Frontrooms Skyscrapers. The lights of every single room is always on. These Skyscrapers contains many offices, hotels, malls, workstations, factories etc. There are many Computes inside of these Offices but these computers are either broken, damaged or Unable to Start. There are good signals of WiFi also. Malls here contains Infinite amount of food. Wanderers can actually take as much food as they want and can rest in the rooms of hotels here. No Entity Besides Facelings found here.

Picture of The Northern Beach.

The Northern Beach
Going Straight North From Where you Spawn for roughly 10 minutes, There exists this section. This is a Beach looks exactly like that of in Frontrooms but it is strictly not recommended going to the beach as wanderers may encounter entities like hounds, facelings, similers, skinstealers, deathmoths and clumps. The Beach contains many boats but no signs of any shops or the Strandkrob3 found here. The sand here is blackish colour and The ocean makes a very calm attractive sounds making people to dive in the Ocean. This is said to be the Level 187 Effect.

Image of Deep Western Woods. Photographer is dead.

The Western Woods
This Forest is located at the Western side of this city. This forest is filled with Oak and Spruce Trees4 These Woods are highly dangerous and are infested with entities like Hounds, Facelings, Smilers, Frowners, Hunters, deathmoths and many "Undocumented Entities" are seen here. It is said that a mysterious creature likes here called "The Terror Of The West" which killed everyone who were living in the City. There is not much known about this Forest but M.E.G sended 3 explorers there but only one was able the excape the woods. He told that they saw many unknown entities in the deep woods and were attacked by the Entities with some strange vemon that can instantly unalive someone but research is still ongoing. The Entity Seen by the Explorers is named "The Terror of The West."

Image of The Eastern Highways taken by @User9745.

The Eastern Highways
Going in the East Direction of the Starting Points leads to this section. These highways are surrounded by the hills named "Laurel Hills" as written on the tunnel in the image. This looks like an old road but after crossing the tunnel, the road split into two roads "A1" and "A2". Each road further spit into two more roads. The deeper you go, the darker the roads becomes. Entities like hounds, Facelings and skinstealers can be seen here in deeper regions of this Highway. It is recommended to take a car from "The Central" section commonly found on the roads.
Laurel Hills
"The Eastern Highways" are surrounded by hills called "The Laurel Hills." These hills are covered with Oak trees and are not much big. These hills are very relaxing spot in this level and only Entity free zone throughout the level. People come here to take a break. There is a lake of Almond Water going 3km inside the hills. There is no known image of Laurel Hills because no device works here. Outpost Laurel exists here consists of 13 members. Some Wanderers Stated that there is a Magic in this Hill which makes them Happy :)

Image of Southern Villa Taken by Some M.E.G Explorers.

Southern Villa
This Villa looks like a very old 1500s villa with a small swimming pool in it. There is Sign written "Swimming is Prohibited" but inspection by The M.E.G. showed that the water in this swimming pool contains "The Disease" entity which is very harmful. The villa is very massive containing hundreds of rooms and is Infested with entities like Hounds, Facelings, Smilers and deathmoths. "Many bottle of Almond Water" and "Memory Jars" can be found inside of it. It looks like it is abandoned from years.

"A note was found from the villa"

"It's been seven days of Kings Death. I loved King Bob. He was the only one Whom I was in Love with. Twenty years ago we left that city and started living in this Villa but the Curse of War was with The King. He was my husband, my love, my everything. I also partied him and we both left that city. The Terror of West5 Attack was very Strong. They wiped the whole City but due to some reasons they can't enter the villa. I CAN'T WRITE THIS ANYMORE….
~Queen Veronica

Level 187 Effect

This is a very strange effect happens at "The Northern Beach" section section of this level. This effect attracts the wanderers to attract towards the ocean of this section. It is a trap of this level. Some theroies state that this effect is due to "The Curse Of The West"6 by noone really knows about it. If you remained lucky, you will end up in Level 7 but if u remained unlucky, you will drown in the depths of the ocean.


These are many entities seen here like like Hounds, Facelings, Smilers, Frowners, Hunters, deathmoths and many undocumented entities including "The Terror Of The West"


Image of Base Terror By The Major Explorer Group.

Bases and Outpost

Base Terror
There are currently only one Base by the M.E.G [Major Explorers Group Base Terror] located in "The Central" section of this level in the building named "The Tower Of Veronica." It is a Café and Trading Hub. It is consists of 23 members and you can actually join them under their "Terror Research Program" [TRP].
Outpost Laurel
This Outpost can be found in the "Laurel Hills" of "The Eastern Highways" section. It is consists of 13 memebers and are very peaceful. They will give you free food and water.

Entrances And Exits

There are many ways to enter this level:
  • Entering a Room Named "Veronica" in Level 5 may Leads to this level.
  • Entering a building named "West Town" and taking Elevator at Level 11 have high chance of ending up here.
  • Swimming too far in Level 7 may Leads to this level.
  • No-clip from previous Level 186 by touching a painting of City at the Station to end up here.

Through "The Central" section:

  • Entering a building named "Endless Resort" may leads to Level 11
  • Touching a Painting of beautiful mountains, valleys and rivers may leads to Level 186

Through "The Northern Beach" section:

  • Swimming too far may Leads to Level 7

Through "Eastern Highways" section:

There are 5 different ways to safety leave this level from this section:

  • A1->C8->G7->Z19->VA54->S5C4->CFDS-91 Leads to Level 69
  • A1->C8->G7->Z19->VA54->S5C4->MDS4 leads to Level 80
  • A2->C4->K76->M81->JK69->RGB01 leads to Level 255
  • A2->C4->K76->M81->JK69->GF901 Leads to Level 901
  • Going too far in the "Laurel Hills" may leads to Level 6

Note : Going in any other routes may leads to any unsafe level.

Recovered Documents

√RUN RUN!!!!!

March 12, 1976
We are heading towards The Western Woods. City is empty. Woods are scary. May God Bless us! May we return Back.

"The curse of the West is real

The M.E.G Records
Note written by the dead explorer went to explore the Western Woods
"The note was true. The "Terror of the West" is COMMING!!! RUNN AS FASSSST ASSS POSSSIBLE.

Whō Árê Yøú?

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