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Level 997 is the 998th Level of the Backrooms.


The field within Level 997.


Level 997 is a small rectangular field with a fence on two sides and a vanilla-white wall on the other two. The whole aesthetics of the level resemble the frontrooms, with houses and a road around the field, however, it is noticeable that these houses have no windows or chimneys. Every house also appears the same vanilla-white color as the walls of the field. There are also no visible trees although some wanderers have reported seeing trees in the distance via jumping, though this is not confirmed. There are no cars visible driving or parked anywhere on the level. The sun never appears to move thus leaving the level in eternal day, more specifically, eternal morning.

Level 997 appears to possess an effect on those who reside in it. If one is to view the sunny side of the park, especially the vanilla walls, they will get a heavy nostalgia-like feeling in their head. The strange aspect about this feeling is that it does not remind them of any particular past memories, it just gives them affection for the past itself. It may also give them a slight feeling of emptiness. There is a very small chance that entering this level will completely wipe one's mind of memories prior to entering the Backrooms upon entering the level. If the wanderer had any negative feelings or any mental problems, it will disappear within 2 minutes after entering the level. Some wanderers have reported feeling emptiness or derealization when staring directly at the windowless buildings for longer than 30 seconds. The nostalgic feeling will only take effect if one is to stare into the sunlit area. If they are to stare into the shade, there will be a completely different effect. Staring into the shade for longer than 7 seconds or so will start to make the wanderer feel cold inside. Their vision will begin to darken. After 1 minute of staring they will begin to feel dizzy and eventually pass out. They will then wake up in either Level 6 or Level 996.

It is impossible to interact with others in this level. It is presumed that every wanderer has their own instance of the small field. Despite being on their own, no wanderers have ever reported feelings of loneliness. The only sounds on this level consist of a light breeze and sounds produced by the wanderer. On rare occasions, sounds of leaves on a tree can be heard rustling in the breeze, despite no trees being present. All attempts at escaping the small field have failed. When trying to climb over the metal fence, wanderers will suddenly feel too weak and tired to climb over.

Another strange effect the level possesses is that it limits the amount of time one can reside in it. After 90 hours have passed, the wanderer within the level will immediately loose consciousness. After that they will wake up in any level between Level 990 and Level 996.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no known bases, outposts or communities on this level

Entrances And Exits


Exiting any level between Level 990 and Level 996 has a moderate chance to lead here.


All you need to do is want to exit the level. Once you feel like you have spent enough time here you will be transported to a random level between Level 993 and Level Level 998.

If you are to somehow die on this level, you will taken to Level 998.

If you stare into the shade for too long, you will pass out and wake up in Level 6 or Level 996.

After exiting this level, the wanderer will never be sent to it again.

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