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Pay Attention


Class 2

  • Unsafe
  • Unsecure
  • Void of entities

my eyes

Level 179.2 is a subsection of Level 179. It resembles an eerie forest.


Level 179.2 is filled with trees and the ground is grass. Light sources from out of the level won't travel far and will only emit a weak glow. Around the forest, villages can be found which range from small to vast.

A common structure among the villages is a white marble pillar with a bronze human hand pointing upwards placed atop the pillar. On the base of the pillar, a strip of iron has text written in English that tends to be a variation of "Together, Worthless.".

A leather book with the title of "Love". can be found around most villages. These books have defined pages that tend to be blank. Opening the book and staring at a blank page will cause sentences to appear. These sentences scold the reader into trusting "His Love".

Burn marks are also common on trees around the forest. These burn marks seem to be humanoid.

Did you hear that?
They are wailing into my soul.
Soon they will wail into yours.
Come on. You know are worthless without us to guide you.
Stand still. I love you.


are gone

Entrances And Exits:


where are you


no, you're not leaving

Archivist Note: My blood told me it's not a good idea.

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