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Class 1

  • Unsafe
  • Unsecure
  • Void of entities

I can hear their whispering


Level 179.1 is a sub-section of Level 179. It is a long dimly lit road that stretches on for approximately fifty miles in a single direction. Both sides of the road have dense vegetation that is hard to traverse through.

Like Level 179, Level 179.1 is always at night, lit only by light posts. It is also abnormally silent, one's voice and breathing are the only sound sources noted so far.

Going down the road will take you to Level 179.2, which seems to be a desolated forest. The sky in Level 179.1 is also pitch black.

A blackout will occur if one tries to return to Level 179 from halfway onwards. This only seems to happen once and is usually followed by a disappearance of a member in a group. If in a group, it's important to stay close to each other in said event.

Stay in the light.


They stare down at me, praising the nonexistent sun.

Entrances And Exits:


Entering through the gates on Level 179.


Going back and leaving through the gates.
Going onwards to Level 179.2

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