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“The children never learned, but I did.”
-Our Lady of Confession

As a preface, all information within the level is known due to the help and assistance of Level 214’s very own “Our Lady of Confession”. It is not recommended to visit Level 678 or attempt anything which might result with entering Level 678.

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St. Julius Cemetary
Your Loss Handled With Care.

Here at St. Jul!us, we offer the best we can in terms of funeral service a$% care in the D&va!le area of Scene-01.1. Since 1989 we have offered the &est care to t&@ departed, pr!vidi@g service to a !@rge variety of c#$ientel and people from other cities and regions of Sc#n!-01.1.

Here at St. Julius, we @an provide services and bu&*!ls such as the foll*$ing:

  • S%ldirs Buri*#s (Read N$ot%ce Bel@&)
  • Imb@$min*s
  • Cremation%

Our pr$ctiti%#ers and mor!ici*!s are the &*st within Scene-01.1, and han%le w@!tever requests you ha!e, be it social or %ultural. Allow your Pas#$ng to rest safely in our hands.


Due to circumstances an% the unfolding conflict with Emstable, there has been a sudden in@*ux of individua#s seeking a place to b%ry their relatives and loved ones. ALL CURRENT GRAVE PLOTS IN ST. JULIUS HAVE BEEN RESERVED. The *%st that can be offered now is cremation, though in!@vid#als must ap%!@ separately at [Error, Missing Embed] to be put on a w$iting list. For those who are looking to pay respects to their recently buried so#diers, Ad#inistr!%ive Se@tinel Construct (A.S.C.) “Na#a*ie” on-site can !irect visitors to the appropriate row, section, and site of the grave you are lo&king for.

#ou can conta!@ us at:
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  • {$two}
  • {$three}


Level 678, “Necropolis“ is stated by Our Lady of Confession to be a similar standalone fragment of Level 600. Reports, images, and video from the level show it to be an approximately 600-acre field of hills, and trees littered with crumbling and derelict graves. The entire level is bordered by a wrought metal fence approximately 2-3 meters tall, including one gate leading into the skybox void around Level 678. The only other structure within the necropolis is a singular rundown church located next to the “main gates” of the level.

The only structure within the necropolis, the church near the entrance resembles one built in the mid-20th century, though it is unknown where the building’s architecture originates from. The interior lacks any functional lighting and most surfaces are covered in a fine layer of dust and cobwebs. The stained glass seems to be the only way natural light enters the level, entering in dim colors of the glass. This is constant due to the permanent sunset that the level’s skybox tends to project.


A general view of Level 678 before "shutdown" occurs.

Upon first glance, graves on Level 678 all appear to be placed at different times, due to the quality of some of the ruined graves. However, Our Lady of Confession has gone on to reveal to M.E.O.D. members that most graves were dug and placed within the same 2 years. Due to this, recommendations were made to speak with ex-residents of Level 600 regarding the graves, of which most people could recognize the names of certain people listed on them.

Recovered files and information from archives and firsthand residents of Level 600 have assisted in identifying Level 678 as The St. Julius Cemetery. However, the reasoning for why it maintains its existence is mostly unknown. Much like [[[Level 214|214]], the presumed source of the necropolis’s continued existence is the “Administrative Sentinel Construct” of the fragment known as “Natalie” or “Our Daughter of Decay” by others.


Administrative Sentinel Construct "Natalie" during visit by Dr. R. to Level 678.

Administrative Sentinel Construct “Natalie”

Information on A.S.C. Natalie is scant, though requests to Our Lady of Confession have given M.E.O.D. researchers the knowledge that much like Our Lady of Confession, the entity which once Natalie resided within Level 600. More undisclosed research has linked both entities to a network of many other “A.S.C.s” who existed to oversee, direct, and assist facets of life.

Most of what can be inferred from Natalie is only known from her current form, as other sources are unaware or entirely unwilling to disclose data on her. As she exists currently, Natalie will occasionally appear within spots on Level 678, though these locations are entirely random. No single reported encounter with this A.S.C. has displayed her being in the same spot as she was prior, implying that they exist in some sort of unstable state.

Unlike her positioning within the level, Natalie appears as the same crumbling, headless, armless statue of a girl. It is possible to initiate communication with them, though it is rare to get a response. Out of the five written reports on Level 678, only one managed to have a brief conversation with the A.S.C. before they initiated what is known as a “Shutdown” event.

Report on Level 678, Log 3.

Elan, 17/11/2022

Reaching Level 678, I have noted similar environments to that of the previous two reports I’ve read. As per requests from Dr. Amiens, I shall attempt to find and document more data on the second “Lady” entity found within Level 678.

Approximately ten minutes after entry into the necropolis, I came across Entity “Our Daughter of Decay” approximately 10 meters away from the main gates of Level 678. Appearance is noted to be the same as in other reports. Approaching the entity has not yet resulted in “Shutdown” occurring.

I asked, “Are you willing to talk with me?” and to my surprise, received a response.

“Here, I lay at rest. Content with my destruction.”

Quite surprised at a verbal response from Our Daughter of Decay (despite her lacking a head), I decided to question further about what she meant.

“All is lost, I live only to witness my collapse. No longer do I watch the dead.”

Their words exuded some sort of sadness or upset despite the neutrality of their echoing voice in the silence. They gave me the impression of someone who had truly lost everything, so I apologized.

“It isn’t your fault.” She replied to me, “My time has simply passed. Like the many soldiers below us, I too am destined to pass and rot.”

After our brief exchange of words, it seemed that Our Daughter of Decay spoke no longer. I was left in deafening silence as I turned around to leave. Unlike previous reports, the “Shutdown” event did not occur, allowing me to reach the gates and leave to Level 165.


An event will almost always occur on Level 678 known as a “Shutdown”. This occurrence is theorized to be a byproduct of a few things. One is the possible integral piece of Level 600 failing to properly cull from being rendered with Level 600’s destruction. In the possible case of both 214 and 678, the A.S.C.s of both levels managed to keep the general terrain and structure of their fragment loaded and kept in existence. As of this date, the only recorded instance of a Shutdown refusing to occur is partly detailed in a report by Recon Team Member Elan.

Shutdowns are characterized by the alteration of Level 678’s skybox. The skybox will take on a scrolling, wavy texture of warped static. A shrill, ear-piercing Shepard tone often accompanies this. All of these in combination cause wanderers to feel physically ill, including effects such as nausea, headaches, and strained vision.

As it goes on, the Shutdown will gradually plunge the level into whirling static, taking around 1 to 2 minutes to entirely engulf the level in a static void. At this point, whoever is caught within a Shutdown will feel as though they were falling or spinning downwards into the skybox, in which they will reach Enigmatic Level “End of the Fucking World”.

Within this collapsing state, the only visible object within the static will be the statue form of Our Daughter of Decay, seemingly floating in place at the proper distance they were when the wanderer first arrived. Whilst falling, Our Daughter of Decay will stay stationary and idle where she was. All else; graves, terrain, fences, and the church will cease to appear in the level.


Similar to Level 214, no more than one wanderer can be within Level 678 at once. Because of this, no outposts or bases are present.

Entrances And Exits

There are only a few ways to access Level 678, but we know of the following:

Some of the few ways to leave Level 678 include:

  • Going through the Shutdown event to be taken to End of the Fucking World.
  • Entering or exiting the church, which has a small chance of taking wanderers to Level 105.
  • Leaving the main gates to 165.

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