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M.E.G. Warning Protocol 9056

Unofficial, nonremovable text found below. Please proceed with caution.

Reason: While doing a maintenance check on this level's page, I found unauthorized patches of text sprinkled throughout its contents. For some reason I can't seem to erase them - I even called in tech support and they're as clueless as I am. The messages are harmless enough, and might give us some insight into an undiscovered property of this level. I will be marking any unofficial text on the level's page via strikethroughs - it's the least I can do for now. Meanwhile I'll keep the level as is, but I'm putting a warning here.

Please, if any authorized member made the changes, talk to me to resolve the confusion. I will be at my office.

Requested by: Krawnd_098


Class 3

  • Unsafe
  • Unsecure
  • Minimal Entity Count

Level 171 is the 172nd level of the Backrooms. You shouldn't be here. I thought I was clear enough. Stay at your own risk, but whatever you do, do. not. touch. the. lights. This is what I'm talking about. This wasn't written by us.



One of the many street lamps seen on this level.

Level 171 consists of various winding paths which traverse the hilly outskirts of an unspecified rural town. When you arrive into the level, you’ll always find yourself inside a wooden cabin. A small light bulb will be illuminating the rickety shed, and various windows will show a foggy landscape outside. Silhouettes of trees, houses and vegetation will be barely visible from the windows, along with points of bright light located throughout the fog.

Harsh winds of around 60 kmph/30 mph are present once inside the level, so watch your step. Outside you will find a single, concrete path illuminated by street lamps, which will curve in different directions to accommodate the level’s geography.


An example of the foggy landscape surrounding the paths inside the level.

An area resembling town outskirts exists around illuminated paths. Various silhouettes of trees, bushes and houses can be observed, although it is not recommended to go outside the path to explore them. It is to be noted that any flashlights or similar devices that you bring into the level will never be potent enough to cut through the fog, rendering them useless. The only thing that can pierce said fog is the light emanating from the street lamps. Don't let them blind you.
The jealousy of the cursed one; it lost its freedom to give us ours.
The illuminated path will continue through the level in a seemingly endless way, as there has been no recorded end to the path as of now. Various steep sections, both uphill and downhill, might appear, so be ready for demanding terrain. Follow the path and you will eventually find an exit to Level 176.

The Wooden Cabin


A photo taken from inside the wooden cabin, through a window. The watchman is seen standing outside, staring back.

You will always arrive here when you enter this level. This area is your resting point, where you can safely wait for any other wanderers. It is absolutely imperative to never go outside of this shed by your lonesome. If you, for some reason, reached this level alone, we recommend to wait for any wanderers that might stumble upon this level. Be aware that this shed lacks food or supplies, which is a real problem if you find yourself stuck in the situation described above.

Leaving this cabin alone will lead you to Level 171.1
You rejected it. A guiding glimmer in the distance, and you decided to venture into the dark. You deserve this fate.


One is not enough to light up the path.

If you follow our recommendation, you will have various wanderers accompanying you throughout the level. They will be your main protection against the entity, so make sure to read through this section extensively.
Unbearable brightness burns through my skin. Oh, just watch as it dances.
Your group is your life and blood, and you should treat them as such. Always keep an eye on their position, and make sure to traverse the level as closely packed as possible. If any wanderer strays too far from the group, even in a lighted path, and gets lost in the fog, consider them gone. Do not waste your time searching for them, as this might result in more lost members.
The fog in the level can get very dense at times, so it is recommended to have direct physical contact with your group members when this happens. If the fog is dense enough that you can’t see your own hand, stop walking, and form a tight circle with your group until it subsides.

If the fog takes you, or takes all of them … pray that there’s an illuminated house nearby, and make a run for it. If this is not possible, there’s nothing else you can do. I recommend to curl into a fetal position and wait for the inevitable. There is no escape for lost souls.

The Entity of level 171 – The Watchman:


A sketch of the Watchman. Drawn by backrooms draftsman, Ymir Sidorov. According to Ymir, it was easy to sketch the entity, as it did not "move an inch" while referencing it.

Be careful of the watchman, as it is the only known entity present on this level. It will watch you at all times – you can even occasionally catch a glimpse of it around corners behind you, or in the foggy landscape hiding through the shadows. It will not flinch or move if observed, it will just stand there and stare. Approaching it will just make it disappear into the fog, or the corner it was peeking from. All attempts at physical contact or communication have failed.

The entity will not move or react until a wanderer is seemingly alone. It is then hypothesized that the entity will kidnap said wanderer. It is not known how the entity does this, if at all, as no one has seen it, but interviews with survivors report a feeling of intense panic if alone on the level, and claim knowing it is the entity's fault. It is unknown what happens to disappeared wanderers after said "attacks," as no one has ever seen them again anywhere in the backrooms. The maximum time someone has survived while alone in the level is 25 seconds.

It is not the only one. Do not stare at them. Do not touch them. Bathe in their protection, but do not let them take you. Do not make my same mistake. Although alarming, please mind that there aren’t any other confirmed entities on this level..

Burning, searing, scarring of my flesh. Blinding, overwhelming, lights in my mind. You see them, don't you? They're seeing you back. Brilliant photons exude from the lights at the end of this tunnel.

Forks in the Road:

When traversing this level, you will rarely find a fork in your path, giving you an option for a road of which to take. There are few alternatives, some safer than others, so we will list them below:

  • Illuminated Path: This path can be recognized by the street lamps, shining a bright yellow light through its body. They are the safest option to choose from, and have the same properties as the starting path you first travel through. Although fairly common, they’re not always present as alternatives.
  • Dimly – Lighted Path: The most common option, this path is recognized by the dim lights present throughout its body. This property can make it hard to see, so be extra careful as to not lose sight of your fellow wanderers.

An example of a "blue" path, which appeared as an alternative route while on another road. Observe the blue color emanating from the street lamp up above.

  • Blue – Lighted Path: A bright blue light shines through this path. Blue-lighted roads are often unstable, and awkward geometry, steep hills and out-of-place objects are present. Be very careful with any weird angles and objects, as it is easy to no-clip through them. Doing so will lead you to the Blue Channel, which is not ideal. As a trade-off, it seems that the watchman has trouble following you here, so the tight-packed nature of trips can be relaxed here, as long as you stay inside the blue light.
  • Orange – Lighted Path: This road is extremely rare, and has only been found once by a group of wanderers. When they arrived at the forked path, they saw the entity standing right in the middle of the entrance into the orange road, staring at them. The entity didn’t respond to any attempts at communication, and did not run off when approached. This particular group decided to not traverse this path. It is unknown what happens beyond.
  • Fog – Infested Paths: A path with no light poles illuminating it. Don’t go through here.

The Truth: You can recognize this path by the overwhelming, heavenly white light emanating through every orifice it has. Thousands of eyes will see you, ten thousand mouths will begin to salivate, a million souls await your arrival. Head through here to reach into —

Finding an Exit

If you wish to leave the level, run towards an illuminated house as fast as you can and enter through any entrances it may have. This will lead you directly to Level 176. No reports of locked entrances into a house have been recorded, so don’t be afraid to get creative for the sake of time. You don’t want to stay inside the dark fog for too long, after all.

If said house is too far away from the path, continue walking until you find another. Note that after entering said house, there's a small window of time, of around 10 seconds, for others to enter. After this, the house will go dark, and another one will light up. There's no escape from them. Just look at what they did to me. Just my punishment for being the first. … ah.

As I read through this, I can't help but see them; You see them too, right? Hidden cries of ecstasy, calling us from way up above. Ugh, I can feel my skin burning… I'll leave this to the techies to sort out, I'm gonna go lay down. - K

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no known bases, outposts or communities on this Level. Not anymore, although our molted skin still remains.

Entrances and Exits:


  • In Level 147, while riding a bus, there is a chance it will stop at a decrepit wooden cabin, with a sign above marked: “Private property. Do not enter.” Entering will lead you to this level.
  • Occasionally, in the hallways of Level 164, a rustic, wooden door can appear with a sign marked: “Do not enter.” Entering it will transport you to this level.
  • While on Level 170, inside the forest, you may rarely see a decrepit cabin hidden through the trees. A sign on the door marked "Private Property" is displayed. Entering it will lead you to this level.
  • The sign on the doors were very explicit.


  • There’s only one known safe exit inside this level: Entering an illuminated house will lead you to Level 176.
  • No-clipping anywhere inside this level will lead you to the Blue Channel.

The charred waft of my flesh fills my nostrils, if I could smell; The delectable taste of black carbon invades my palate, if I could taste; The light blinds me - The light speaks to me, and the message is clear: The true road will appear to you here, and you just have to embrace it. It will lead you to Them, and They will lead you to They will lead you to They will lead you to They will lead you to They will lead you to They will lead you to They will lead you to They will lead you to They will lead you to They will lead you to They will lead you to They will lead you to They will lead you to They will lead you to They will lead you to They will lead you to They will lead you to They will lead you to They will lead you to They will lead you to They will lead you to They will lead you to They will lead you to They will lead you to =9fvu29vl'1__f{cv0

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