Level 415-"Library"
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Class 3

  • Unsafe
  • Secure
  • Medium Entity Count

An image of Level 415's main space.

Level 415 is the 416th Level of the Backrooms. It was discovered by an expedition team on April 15, 2009.


Level 415 is a huge modern library with a total of nine floors, the height of each floor is about 2.5 meters. Its area appears to be infinite, or it may be a constantly circulating space. But it will become more and more unstable as it goes deeper. The ceiling is equipped with fluorescent lights, which will flicker continuously, and emit a buzzing sound similar to the fluorescent lights in Level 0. Listening to the sound for a long time may cause the wanderer to have physiological reactions such as dizziness and nausea1. Any outside light sources, such as flashlights, lanterns, and windows will provide no light in this level. Most personnel in Level 415 reported a distinct smell of mint in the air, although the source of the smell is unclear. In some cases, the smell is very strong.

The number of books on the shelves and the quantity of hostile entities gradually increase with each floor, as higher floors tend to have more books and entities than lower floors do. Thus, if one cannot locate the signs indicating the floor number, wanderer can to easily determine which floor they are on. The WiFi connection varies with the height of the building, with better WiFi being on higher floors.


Level 415 from another angle.

Items such as drinking glasses, backpacks, gloves, etc. are often found in Level 415's trash cans; it is understood that these items have been around since records began. Its source is not yet known. Wanderers trapped in Level 415 often use these items as props. Once taken, it will be replenished at 4:00 am each day in an unknown manner. Level 415 sometimes appears to have consumed a portion of almond water, but cannot detect human signs such as fingerprints, saliva, etc. In the lower floors of this level, there are more abundant materials than the upper floors.

The radio speakers in the Level 415 will play some relaxing music throughout the day, there seems to be an unknown phenomenon that affects many of the wanderers, making them feel "relaxed" and "pleasant". Some of the more open centers usually have one or two cyan sofas, one or two newspapers with or almond water in a paper bag can be found on the benches.

Level 415 does not have any windows, but occasionally there is a blue wooden door on both sides of the corridor, marked "The Frontrooms", often homeless people hear the voice of people in the city through the wooden door, but wanderer in the level The wooden door cannot be opened. Any vandalism of the door is void.

The books on the shelves are of different sizes and colors, It is worth mentioning that the books of Level 415 are made of non-combustible paper materials, And Level 415 books have a peculiar feature: opening a book will get an unusual effect, but it may also be accompanied by certain side effects, and it is harmful to the wanderer, and even kills the wanderer

One notable feature of Level 415 is the ability to convert specific items carried by people coming to the level into other items with the same characteristics, these same characteristics are usually associated with composition, shape, color, etc, but occasionally there are items that do not have any of the same characteristics at all. When wanderer leaves the level with a transformed item, the transformed item is restored to the original item. The most important thing is that the items that are converted are different each time, We conducted an experiment on this feature:

The record's number: Lv415-1-01
Experimental items: A thermos filled with approximately equal to 500 ml of the Almond water.
Outcome: A glass bottle filled with 475 ml of purified water.
Remark: /

The record's number: Lv415-1-02
Experimental items: A thermos filled with approximately equal to 500 ml of the Almond water.
Outcome: A paper cup filled with 100 ml of an unknown black viscous liquid with creases on the cup.
Remark: /

On the ceiling of one of the atriums, there is a blue stained glass skylight with a length and width of about 15 meters, which is not provided by other atriums. As such, this atrium containing the skylight was considered by wanderers to be the center of Level 415. The night sky of Level 415 can be seen through the skylight, but it is also the only way to observe the outside view of Level 415. Anyone visiting Level 415 will get here first.

Level 415 occasionally has a cart with few books.

  • In view of the particularity of the environment at this level, this list displays the characteristics.

Floor Entities Feature Degree of danger
1F ~ 2F No entities No WiFi, few books on the shelf, a lot of almond water and water, The main activity area of B.N.T.G., extremely rich resources ■ Safe
3F Low Entity Count The main activity area of ​​I.B.C. (Intellectual Book Club), a lot of almond water, few books on the shelf ■ General
4F ~ 5F Medium Entity Count Some books on the shelf ■ Unsafe
6F ~ 7F Medium Entity Count Some almond water, a lot of books on the shelf ■ Unsafe
8F ~ 9F Entity Infestation No almond water, a lot of books on the shelf, Strong WiFi ■ Dangerous

Special Facilities

Continue walking in any direction at Level 415, and there is a high probability that you will come to the office.

The office is a closed space, the walls and floor are always white, very clean. The facility usually contains 6-8 desks and chairs, all separated from other desks by partitions, each office is usually equipped with a non-working computer, a stack of documents written in various languages ​​or Books, and a potted plant, and planted with plants. Strangely, these plants planted in a potted plant seem to be frozen at a certain moment by an unknown force, causing these plants to not be affected by any external influence and will not die.

As long as the conditions are met, the office is relatively safe, because the Security Surveillance Camera often appears here, which makes it necessary to observe carefully here and ensure that the Security Surveillance Camera is avoided.

Corridors are the most common special facilities and are distributed on each floor. The final point of most corridors may lead to other atriums, and a small number of corridors end in dead ends, however, in rare cases, the route of some corridors may return to the original atrium.

Almost all the corridors are covered with beige carpets on the floor, and the humming effect of fluorescent lights installed on the ceiling is more obvious than the original effect. And most of the Marking Camouflage and Security Surveillance Camera are active here, so the corridor is more dangerous than the atrium.

Occasionally, a white mist appears in the corridors, which, once inhaled into the lungs, can cause death from unknown causes within seconds. The composition of this gas has not yet been studied.


Marking Camouflage


Marking Camouflage photographed by a wanderer before his death

Marking Camouflage is a entity disguised as a flat pattern. Marker Camouflages move across walls, usually when conditions are met. Marking Camouflage will initially appear in the wanderer's peripheral vision, but after the wanderer realizes Marking Camouflage is in his sight and looks When approaching it, Marking Camouflage will immediately flash to the side of the target, wrapping the stray with his body, becoming part of the Marking Camouflage. The Marking Camouflage will not be received until the wanderer does not pay attention to Marking Camouflage or Level 415 within 1 hour s damage.

Marking Camouflage is good at turning himself into any geometric figure, and the area of ​​any geometric figure transformed into is equal to the area of ​​the original shape, unless Marking Camouflage catches new prey, otherwise the area will not change.

Book Spider

Book Spider is an entity shaped like a hybrid of a spider and a normal book, and this entity usually prefers to hide on Level 415's bookshelf, disguised as a book. Book Spider's behavior and biological characteristics are similar to arthropods, and when the book spider meets the conditions, it will slowly extend spider-like legs on the side of the body. In addition, the fluff on the legs of the spider of books is highly poisonous. When the wanderer Touches the entity, the poisoning phenomenon will appear quickly, which is manifested as suffocation, no sense of limbs, etc. The passage of time gradually aggravated, and finally the mild ones were paralyzed and the severe ones died. If you take a glass of almond water during the poisoning process, it will gradually improve.

Book Spider moves slightly faster and often moves in groups. Book spiders usually like to live in groups, so when you identify a book spider, there is a high probability that there are other book spiders around. Also, books disguised by book spiders are usually green or red.2 Usually, Book Spider likes to smear a white sticky liquid near its residence to mark it as its own. The viscous liquid tastes like cream and was slightly poisonous. So, wanderer can tell if Book Spider is lurking nearby by the color of the books and whether there is a white sticky liquid nearby sticking to the wall.

Security Surveillance Camera


A Security Surveillance Camera

Security Surveillance Camera refers to a semiconductor imaging device and looks similar to normal surveillance. But the only thing that is different from normal monitoring is that the Security Surveillance Camera has self-awareness and is not controlled by anyone, and is hostile to humans. When any wanderer appears within the visual range of the Security Surveillance Camera, the Security Surveillance Camera will immediately issue an alarm , and attract more hostile entities in a short period of time.

The Security Surveillance Camera is basically hung on a high wall, and the power cord is connected to an unknown plug, and has the advantages of high sensitivity and anti-vibration. Security Surveillance Cameras are often found in hidden corners and corners, waiting to be approached by homeless people.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Intellectual Book Club

  • It is made up of the first people to discover this level.
  • There are five people in the club.
  • They are not hostile but will not provide aid to wanderers.
  • They usually reside on the third floor.

B.N.T.G. No.415 Trade Station

  • Around 65 operatives permanently stationed here.
  • Open to trading.
  • Gather resources.
  • They usually reside on the first floor.

M.E.G. (A.k.a The "Major Explorer Group") Base Eta:

  • This is the seventh main base of The M.E.G.
  • Around 159 operatives permanently stationed here.
  • Open to trading.
  • Likely set up to collect resources.

Entrances And Exits


  • Level -1: Can be randomly entered through various doors at Level -1.
  • Level 4: Find a white door on Level 4.
  • Level 4.1: There is a chance to come to Level 415 when you leave.
  • Level 621: There is a chance to get here through the door marked with a fire exit on Level 621.
  • Level 993: Finding an area similar to an ice cave will lead to Level 415
  • The Hub: You can also enter here from The Hub if you have the level key.


  • Level 1: Find any open door that will lead to a random area of ​​Level 1.
  • Level 59: The way to exit to Level 59 is the same, and the wanderer only needs to keep walking in one direction for a period of time to reach it.
  • Level 7 and Level 175: Once you touch any book with a lot of blue on the cover, the Wanderer will immediately appear at Level 7 or Level 175.
  • Level 283 and Level 418: On the 9th floor, there will be an extremely rare staircase leading to the top, climbing to Level 283 or Level 418
  • Level 583: Falling from a height higher than 17.5 from the ground will have a very small probability of entering Level 583.
  • Level 985: Find an iron door on the 8th floor.

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