Regular Shops

This Level is 973rd level in the backrooms.


This Place Seems to be a Normal Store but with Creaky Floors and Little Electricity. Somehow, there is good WiFi and Internet here.

Survival Difficulty


Class 0

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  • {$two}
  • {$three}


There are currently no entities in this level.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

There is no Bases, Outposts, or Camps on this level.

Entrances and Exits


1. Attempt to enter the Backrooms at a Shop. Instead of a Starting Level, You come here.


1?. There is a Secret Shelf nobody can find leading to a Unknown level. The update will be in bold if somebody finds it.

1. Exit the store, you will find a path, keep walking until it ends. It it is the right endpoint, it should have a Hole.Go down the hole, and you will go to a Sub Area known as Level U.

2. Use the Checkout in a Order, 15, 7, 11, 1. Then u should open the ground and get swallowed. You are now in another level.

Sub Areas

Level U - A Underground Area with lots of Communites and Friendly People.

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