Level : 0555559

Level 0555559
Survival Difficulty: 4
》[Minimal - High Entity Count]

Level 05555559 is dark corridor, It consists of countless doors that lead them into a darker corridor, also the smell of dead animals intensifies, the more you go through each door the hallucination intensifies.

》[Enemy and other stuff]
Length, Weight and Speed: ?
Is he dangerous? : Still search answers.
[The other stuff] :
After each entry into a new and new corridor, the smell of dead animals intensifies, the claps and whispers also increase.
If you sit a lot in any corridor the smell will harm you and there is also some radiation which also affects you, you see different things.

The enter is rare its low chance to enter that level but if you was in level 444 or level 76 your chance is high.

》The exit: after a long time hanging around the darkness with the last hope to get out of this place .. You meet him the "shadow" .. He doing 2 things.
1. Whispers: He starts whispering to you the things you've been doing all your life. (If you was good in your life.)
2. The dead cry : He starts crying.. Why?
answer: it refers to the things you have done throughout your life. After that he look at you and send you to another levels.
(The sequel level of Level : 0555559)
Or random another level.

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