Level die


Class deadzone

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After the nuke came.

Level die is a place you go after you die in level death
Everything is on fire even you. One of the many lost files
That have be found [death.exe]file go’s like this.
John”hello hell HQ.”
HQ”what is it did you find a new level”
John”I think I see fire all over the place”
John”What I am on fire but I am not burning”
HQ”did you get any information”
John”I see a lot of entity’s”
HQ”we are coming we tracked you M.E.G camera”
HQ”give us any information”

John”I died in level death and came here”
John”it’s pound the siren *looks up* there is a nuke come at me”
HQ”I think its a deadzone”
John”Ow there is glass on me”
do not trust this page.m,Omsk+:”#:#):-:’
:) :] :} ¥we$$+ ar$## not d&#&&#&s +&$+¥~~§¥_~]< M.K.G”Die”
John”Ahhhhhhhhh… …”
Entity”we are coming *throws John to a wall*…….”
M.E.G owner”what happened”
Wander”hello I see a dead body with a name as John ahhhhh *dies*”
Outpost M.K.G

Coinions M.K.G killer group is hostile
Die at level death
Drown in level 100
Lose to the gamemaster
Or kill your self in level 0
Survive 10 years take you to the frontrooms or
Open a door to unknown-2HJ
Fall of the map to level die!!!
Kick the vending machine to go to level 6.1
Find a drak house and to level 6
Kill your self to go to level die!!!
Find jerry to go to level unknown-1
Find a bomb and drop it always go to level unkownJK
Jump and fall from the airplane go’s to level 0, Level 11, level 100 and level 6.1
Nocilp on a wall that is green goes to Jerry’s room
Find a M.E.G logo to go to M.E.G HQ 4
Find M.K.G member to go to level 2


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