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Phenomenon ## - The Oil

The Oil is a substance that can be found in a variety of levels such as The Sad Room level ##. The full effects of the Oil is unknown. What is known however, is some of the varieties of the Oil.

Oil #1
Oil #1 is the most common oil and is the "standard" type of oil. It is a yellowish clear liquid that is slightly sticky and smells strongly of wax and fat. This oil has some interesting properties such as; its ability to transport people to levels, and its effects on insanitys and other entities when ingested.

Oil #1 can be found naturally in many levels and is usually found "seeping" out of things.

Oil #2
Oil #2 is darker than Oil #1 and is stickier, as well as it does not smell as strong as Oil #1. Unlike Oil #1 Oil #2 cannot be found naturally, as Oil #2 is only ever found in containers like jars and tins. The effects of Oil #2 is not known but most of the effects of Oil #1 are not the same with Oil #2

The Oil is currently being researched by the K.R.O.
The Oil is considered a phenomena as it is unknown the effects of the Oil and whether it is alive or not.

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