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Class Oil

  • Safe?
  • Overgrown
  • The Oil Seeps

Level # is the #nd Level of the Backrooms, and is a very hard level to find.

The Sad Room is a very hard level to come across and was found very recently. It is debated whether or not it should be classified as a level at all as it is very small. Some people say that it should be a sub-level, but as it can be assessed by other levels it is unsure if this is accurate.


The Sad Room looks like a library. It has a wall of dark oak that smells like wax and is visibly oily, the oil is slightly yellow and will drip down the walls occasionally. It is not known if the oil is an entity, but it is not recommended to touch the oil. The floor is hard crusted carpeting that was once a mahogany brown color, but has since turned slightly green. It is unknown why the carpeting is turning green as there is no sign of moss or mold anywhere in this level. One of the other walls is a bookshelf built into the wall, while all of the books are genuine, the heavy coating of oil on them causes them to be unable to be opened, and the text on the covers is undeterminable and does not resemble any known language (even that of entities). The other two walls are a grey blue plaster that is chipped in most parts. even though the walls are chipped the paint is even and unaffected. The light sources are grey white light from lamps that can be seen sticking out of cracks in the plaster. On one of the plaster walls there is a door of a dull metallic color, the door is not locked, but cannot be opened either. The ceiling is fairly low with a hard popcorn plaster ceiling that is fairly uneven and can vary widely in height in the middle of the ceiling there is a bent up bronze fan that runs constantly at a pace of about 6 rotations an hour (or one every ten minutes) All over the ceiling you can see pools of oil that will sometimes drip. The level is very small and is only around 8 by 8 meters. Occasionally the room will feel like its moving. There is no atmospheric noises in this level which is very tolling on wanderers.

In the middle of the floor there is a well-used old slightly ornamental black and tan rug that smells slightly of cardamom, the rug is so old that walking on it creates a loud crackling noise and creates a dusty white ash wherever you step. On top of the rug there is a small desk (around knee height) with a large piece of parchment on top of it covering most of the top. The parchment is clean cut and seems machine made, but is stained with oil and so old that it is hard and dry, if you were to fold the paper it would crumble into dust. On the parchment a long list of peoples names are written down. on top of the parchment there is a little grey tin filled with oil that is darker and stickier than the other oil. Attempts to remove the tin from the table or take the parchment have all failed and it is unable to be done.

Interestingly it seems like many people have been to this level before, but because of the dangerous nature of where the level puts you when you leave it is highly likely that none of these people were able to report their findings. Because of the weird oil and the dangerous levels it will send you to when you leave, it is not recommended to come to this level.

The level has no wifi, electric outlets, or vents, which is odd for the Backrooms. But if your phone is on it will start playing rain sounds and vibrate randomly.

Resources found in this Level:

This level has a lot of oil, the properties of this oil is unknown


There are no known Entities in this level

Bases and Outposts:

There is no group activity or bases on this level as the level is hard to come across, but M.E.G. has shown interest in exploring the level
The K.R.O. are also interested in putting a facility in this level specifically for the purpose of testing the Oil in this level

Entrances And Exits


You can enter by going through all 100 miles of level 52 and opening the door at the end of the hallway

It is theorized that one of the hotel rooms in level 5 would take you to this level

If you open a book with your name on the cover in any library in the Backrooms it will take you here

If you write your name in paper from one of the books found in this level it would take you back to this level

It is also theorized that if you drink the oil from this level whilst turning into an Insanity you would be brought to this level and stop being turned into an Insanity but this is pure speculation


Some people are able to open one of the books on the bookshelf, the book in question has their name on the cover, if they can they will be taken to level 202

If you write your name on the parchment on the table in the oil provided to you you will be taken to level 6

If you write your name on the parchment in a different substance you will be taken to a random level you have never been to before

and finally it is supposed that if you write your name in ink found in level 52 you will be taken to level -52, but level -52 is not known to exist and this is completely theoretical.


Leave, the Oil is very strong here.


Stay, the Oil is very strong here.


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