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"I’ve been exploring the hotel with my two kids, Mike and Jacob. We found a white wall, and went trough it. This time, the hotel looked different. We found a bottle of Almond Water while waking down the new halls. Not like we’ve seen it before. My husband was getting supplies, and we are staying in room 4033. I want him to see this note, it’s a lot safer here."
- The note found at the entrance to Level 5.α.


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The general layout of Level 5.α.

Level 5.α is a sublevel of Level 5, the 6th level of the Backrooms.


Level 5.α consists of hotel hallways, made similar to Level 5. The walls are almost always white, with the carpet being a beige-like color. The lights are florescent, with them randomly turning on and off.

This level was not made by Entity 18, however, it split off during the construction of Level 5. Due to this, the beast cannot enter Level 5.α in any way.

Level 5.α was first discovered in February 2015, when Susan and here two children went to explore Level 5. They came across a white wall, and noclipped through it. Shortly after, Susan wrote the note at the top of the article.

Two months later, the M.E.G. went to investigate Level 5.α and found Susan with her two children. The family was stocked on Almond Water and the room became a small M.E.G. base. Susan and her husband reunited the next day.

All entities in Level 5.α have been neutralized, and have been sent to Level 5. The only entities left are Facelings and Blub Cats. They are generally passive, and the level is described as a “pit stop” for wanderers.

Level 5.α has never been completed, due to the fact that the beast cannot enter. Due to this, about 70% of the rooms are under construction, or have construction equipment (hammers, paint baskets, etc.), in them.

In every room, there is a painting of an unidentifiable object, seeming to be from Level 8. This object looks to be a lot like iron, except it is very dark and warped. Nobody has found the object shown in Level 8, so it might be fake.

Level 5.α seems to have an indoor pool in it, with it being over 6 feet (2 meters) deep. No pools have ever been found in Level 5, so this is theorized to be exclusive to Level 5.α, with Level 5 not having it.

Some of the walls in Level 5.α are completely framed, being an easy exit to the Blue Channel. Although, this is not recommended, as once to enter the channel via this method, you cannot get back to Level 5.α.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

M.E.G. Outpost “Pit Stop”:

  • A group of 20 members.
  • Stocked on supplies.
  • Friendly.
  • Open to trade.

Entrances and Exits:


The only way to enter is by no clipping through a white wall in Level 5.


There are three (3) methods of exiting.

  • Going back the way you came leads back to Level 5.
  • Entering a sandy door leads to Level 46.
  • Going through doors 10,000 and up will lead to Level 13.

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