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Level 913 is the 914th Level of The Backrooms.


Level 913 appears to be a piece of land that is inside of a spherical barrier, with its sky having a functioning day and night cycle. If one were to pass through the barrier, they would either fall until they land in a different area within the level or be transported to the main entrance of the level.

The main entrance of this level is a single structure that resembles a 19th-century-styled manor house that is approximately 750 acres of land. Depending on which room you enter, there will be different scents of flowers throughout the manor. In bedrooms, the smell is that of a Rose, and in living rooms will have the scent of a Tiger Lily. When smelling the aroma of the flora, one can experience feelings of euphoria, nostalgia, happiness, relaxation, or arousal.

Outside of the manor appears to show a circular botanical garden, which covers 600 acres of land, with the manor placed at the center.

The fauna that inhabits this level mainly lives within the garden. The appearance of these animals resembles the ones that reside in the Frontrooms. The most common animals that have been encountered in the garden were bears, deer, sheep, and dogs of any breed. An unusual effect of these animals is that they can be easily tamed by the berries that grow from the trees of the garden, it is unknown how the berries can cause these effects.


Two events have been known to happen yearly as reported by wanderers who have explored the manor and garden.


A Superbloom event that was occurring within the main entrance of the manor.


During a Superbloom event, all of the flowers in each room within the manor will begin to spread everywhere causing the walls to be covered in flora. It is advised not to touch any of the flowers that grow on the walls since it can increase the speed of their growth.


During a Downpour event, heavy rain will fall within the manor and the garden causing minor flooding throughout the level. The rain can cause the flora within this level to resist anything that can harm it such as fire or toxic gasses. This event will usually appear before the Superbloom, which has been speculated to be the aftermath of a Downpour.

Flora of Level 913:

Some of the flora from this level resembles the ones found within the Frontrooms. Although, they behave much differently than their normal counterparts.


  • Anyone who comes into physical contact with these flowers will be sprayed with gas that carries high levels of the hormone melatonin within it. Its effect will immediately take place causing the victim to fall asleep for exactly twenty-four hours.


  • Daturas have been shown to only bloom during the night. When approaching them they will emit light from their petals. It is not advised to pull these flowers off of their roots as it is known to glow exponentially bright to the point where they can cause permanent blindness.


  • These flowers mainly have their petals closed until they are provoked, either by attempting to pluck them out or by pouring too much water. When provoked, its petals will begin to flare while the flower aims at its victim and will burst a flame from the center of the flower.


The Mossman and Deathmoths are the two known entities that wander around throughout this level.


  • Deathmoths are unusually passive within this level and pose no threat to anyone nearby unless provoked.

The Mossman:

  • The Mossman is an 8ft high humanoid-shaped behemoth that is covered in moss throughout its body except for its face, with his facial structure being similar to that of an ape. At times, The Mossman will wander throughout any level of The Backrooms but mainly inhabits Level 913. The Mossman can also grow any type of flora on any surface he stands on. This entity is also passive and poses no threat unless provoked.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

The Evergreen:

  • Was originally eight members, now counting.
  • This group maintains this level from overgrowth.
  • Known to only recruit experienced gardeners.

Entrances And Exits:


  • In any nature-based level, you will stumble upon a pale white door that is partially covered in vines, when entering through this door you will then walk through the main entrance of Level 913.


  • To exit this level, you would normally have to go through holes that are found in the garden outside of the manor, falling into these holes will lead you to any nature-based level. Upon falling out of these holes, they will close up instantly which will prevent you from returning to the level.
  • If one were to attempt to climb through the windows while being inside of the manor, they will automatically be escorted to a nature-based level.

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