Class Class 3 home and habitable

  • Unsafe home
  • Unsecure family is here
  • Potential Hostile Entity's no entity's


I wouldn't believe that this place is real. Don't act like this is home. Please, just don't go here. come on. join us already. ignore him. welcome home. remember all the people you met? uncle joe xavier and raymand? i thought so. stay with us, please?

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no known bases, outposts or communities on this level. And probably never will.
all friends and family. forget this bases stuff.

Additional Content

Just don't go. Go to somewhere like… Some were habitable? here it is habitable.

Entrances And Exits


There is no known way to get to this level for now. Wouldn't want to imagine that you would like to come here. you would. please, join us.


There is no known way to get to leave this level for now. It is unknown if people actually got here and escaped alive. they stayed. they trusted us and made the right choice.

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