pregus101's field notes

Field notes day 1.

Day 1, first log,
Well I've made it to the living hell of the backrooms. Assessing the suit. while it's better then a regular hazmat suit, it's still heavy. The suit has some sort of weapon on both sides. The suit also has to grappling hooks to help you climb up things but they're weak. The suit is also armored and also has a light on it. Moving on. The space around me is plain yellow and musty. So, far no entities.

pregus101 out.

Day 1, second log,
I'm tempted to no-clip through the wall but I don't know where I could end up. So my best hope is to look for a door. I just found a red room. I have heard these are very dangerous. I haven't seen too much info on these so I'm charging up my weapons and reinforcing my armor so I can check it out.

pregus101 out.

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