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Level 475 is the 476th Level of the Backrooms. It was discovered on (17/5/2015)


Level 475 is a room that is about 15 meters long, high and wide. On this level there are no windows or entities other than entity 475 and entity 479. All electrical devices inside are disabled due to the power of entity 475. Level 475 also has no natural light sources and forces those who enter it to bring their own light sources.

The walls and the ceiling of the Level are made from Entity 479, and thus it is advised not to damage them as it is pointless due to the quick regeneration of Entity 479. Unlike the walls and ceiling, the floor appears to be made out of an alloy that is only destructible with lasers. Due to The M.E.G not having laser technology, the floor is currently deemed indestructible.


This level has a vent on it's walls that is around 20x25 centimeters in surface area which leads into the ventilation system of this level which appears to be made of out the same material as the floor of the main section in the level. It has four different pathways that lead to different levels of the backrooms that are coded with different colors and properties. They all have different colors and lead into different places in The Backrooms.

The Yellow Vent which is also the smallest vent duct leads to Level 240, if you are above 18, you will be transported into a random level upon exiting this vent.

The Grey Vent appears to have a grey fog in front of it will lead you to Level 11.

The Black Vent which is the biggest vent duct will lead you to Level 96

The Pink Vent will lead you to a party! =)


The only entities that inhabit the level are Entity 475 and Entity 479.

Entity 479
Entity 479 makes up the walls of the level, and are the main reason that the walls regenerate.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

M.E.G Base - Keylectors

  • Made to produce Level Keys due to the presence to Entity 475.
  • Due to the small size and the lack of resources, no permanent wanderers stay.

Entrances And Exits


Finding a black vent and entering it from Level 96, Level 11, Level 240 and Level 59. You will be sent into the ventilation zone in the Level. Then find a vent that feels warm and enter it.


The only exit is by going back the way you came, which is through the vents.

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