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A picture of the main tree, and the fake one in the background made by The Betters.

Level 114 is the 115th Level of the Backrooms, known as The Tree.

It is a massive grassy field with a singular tree in the very center.


Level 114 is a infinite field of grass. In the center lays a large, dead tree. The trees trunk is a about 17 feet in diameter, and the tree is covered in dark brown bark. The bark appears to be slowly rotting, and The M.E.G have showed concerns of the tree eventually falling apart, as the tree remains the only 'truly safe space' of this level, with the only exception being in The Night Phase.

The further a Wanderer strays from the tree, the more dangerous the level becomes. The fog that already shrouds the level will thicken, the grass will get longer, and more and more entities will appear.

In a brief experiment on this level conducted by The M.E.G had a volunteer carry a length of rope away from the tree, with the other end tied to a pole. The volunteer made it 5 miles away, where he described the grass as 'yellowed, about 4 feet long' and said he could hear something moving. His radio signal then cut off, and he has yet to be heard from.

Most entities can be found in this level, namely Dullers and Clumps.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Despite there originally being only one tree, another replica tree was made in August of 2020, out of twigs and mud. The tree stands only 100 yards away from the real one, and houses the group The Betters.

The Originals

The Originals reside within and around the original tree, which they call The Real Tree. The group houses around 15 members, although the number is expected to rise. They have a friendly realtionship with The Betters, and the only conflict they have is simply poking fun at eachother.

The Betters

The Betters is a group that resides in The New Tree (the fake one), and houses 13 members. The only difference between them and The Originals, is the fact that their fake tree is slightly bigger and has fake leaves, in order to annoy The Originals a little. The two groups regularly trade members.

The Night Phase

This unique feature of the level happens very rarely - so much so that only a few veteran Wanderers have unfortunately witnessed it. In this phase, the sky turns dark, the fog clears, and the entities swarm in. Both the Trees cease to be safe spaces, and the entities that live many miles away from them begin to rush towards them to attack. The phase only lasts an hour, so if you're lucky, no entities will make it in time.

Entrances And Exits


After walking a many miles in Level 10 and falling asleep from exhaustion, you will wak up underneath The Tree. This is the only know entrance so far.


If you climb into the tree trunk and attempt to no-clip, you will end up in a wide range of levels, such as Level 0, Level 1, and Level 37

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