I was making my glitch Art.
Trying new codes, new ways to make my grid.
I was new in Mandelbulber universe of 3D. You know it, it is z=Z2+C ""making a univers from pure line of math"".
Eventual I did try to make a remix off line of codes, with my ART look it up, here is a link "" .

Now I find my self making more 3D graphics in one day of my life.
1000 different pictures with the same basic.
I made a tvist, with RED AND GREEN optic illusions.
from 24 hours to 28
I made 8000 different types of rooms.
It become wired yesterday, when I "compile" | 5 different pages of git |..
## I find this group in a google deepdrive into pages 24 the moon here.

I think I have found a new languages. Different from our simple line of the same ink.
I think I found the ~@:""@hidden source of the ghost in the machine"

in every bit and codes come new codes.
I think it is connected to quantum connection over time and space.
I will give you the link to my ART. Look if you want.
There is a color code hidden in the pictures.

I will show this to you.
I will not take and no responsibility and part in backrooms cages there can come from my own whey to building a grid there become backrooms behind backrooms.

Take care off you self.

backrooms-behind-backrooms-in a echo off confusion.

I made this because there a something freaky going on.

I have a strong pain in my head, I fell dishy, my ears and eyes have a filter on it since I good lost in this maze.

I dont even know if it is me a the art that made me make the art. I feel connected to it(_eeio_)


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