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Class 2

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Level Blistergrave is the 2665231st level of the Backrooms.


Level Blistergrave is a extremley large level almost exclusively consisting of a sparse boreal forest, with many trees having large, likely symbiotic growths of flesh.

Flesh Blob Explanation

Isolated examples of tissue show a strong genetic link to locusts, along with traces of wasp venom. Clumps of this material of 1 metric kilogram or heavier can act as a lifeform, growing photosynthetic flaps and two eyes very similar to those of a juvenile cow on the sides within 4 earth days. These creatures, nicknamed "blobules" are skittish, wriggling away from most animals. They show a suprising amount of intelligence, being as smart as a goat. They will quickly grow new body parts, adapting to thein environment very quickly. One sample placed inside a room filled with sulfuric gas started to experience irritations, but was able to quickly adapt, growing two antennas made of cartilage that terminated in spherical glands the size of a golfball, appearing to collect the sulfur after 2 hours. 6 hours after the antennae had finished growing, the room's athmospheric sulfur level had reduced back to normal.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no known bases, outposts or communities on this level.

Entrances And Exits

There is a 98% chance that a wanderer will be teleported to Level 0 after any serious injury. A small bottle of dark brown liquid with a handwritten label saying "Take this" will appear next to them, with the liquid removing all negative medical conditions, including birth conditions or incurable disabilities. If the bottle is unable to be taken and used, the wanderer will be automatically healed after 20 seconds, with the bottle disappearing. All entities in Level 0 will become friendly to the wanderer for the rest of their stay and supply them with almond water, clothing and lead them to an exit into a safe level, providing them with a paper guide on returning to the Frontrooms written in the wanderer's native language.


Noclipping into the Backrooms in a boreal forest has a 0.02% chance of leading to Level Blistergrave instead of Level 0.


The previously mentioned injury method is the only known way to safely leave the level. Noclipping through the floor leads the player to Level "You Cheated".

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