People vicissitudes

"Not an endless city, but an eternal ladder."
Everything turns into a whirlpool, the sky is abnormal and dark, the whole building is swept away, the tornado cuts through the solid wall, appears in front of me and erases the space.

Leven 11 is the 12th Level of The Backrooms. This Level presumably is an infinite city.(Information text is blurring)


Inexplicable Words


Level 11 is a presumably infinite city, populated with buildings, stores, and skyscrapers, people live here. (Since then, large paragraphs of text have been deliberately concealed, and some contents have been retained)/The "staircase" connecting ◇◇◇(covered by different traces) is closed,and no one can/appearance/ ,is the "backrooms" only 12 levels?


Staggered Ladder

Level binar 1011 is located in the nothing of the backrooms". It consists of two twisted suspended stairs.They rotate forever, and the stair treads without handrails keeps sliding toward the center. It erases all levels, distorts the time and environment, wreaks havoc on space, and everything turns into it, piecing together its body. It''s gone, and the wreckage is built into heaven and earth, with confusion alternating. How strange and familiar it is.


Entrances And Exits:

There is no way for you to enter level 11 binar 1011, every stop floor here ◇◇◇(covered by that special trace)I will leave here eventually, leaving nothing behin.12

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