Patrick The Expert

Survival difficulty: Class 0
Devoid of Entities

Level 42 is an island full of lush life. This level can be easily be compared to an island in the Frontrooms making this level an illusion of escaping. This level due to being rich in many resources also has signs of settlements from potential earlier civilizations, resources specific to this level, and overall the perfect place to settle in the Backrooms.

Colonies and Outposts

the M.E.G. has a camp set out for wanderers to visit.

Native tribes are also present in this level.

Entrances and Exits

Bringing a boat with you to Level 100 and sailing it will bring you to this level
If the plane in Level 36.1 is malfunctions and crashes then you will end up in this level. Chances of this are very rare.

Sailing a boat into sea will take you to Level 100

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