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A normal view of level 450 with a Songbird.

Level 450 is the 451st level in the Backrooms. The most important rule of this level: No matter how tired you grow, stay awake.


The level takes place in a big empty mansion that seems to look like it was made in the 1800s. Inside the mansion is at least 25 bedrooms1, a few closets, many hallways, and a window in every bedroom. Be careful, as some windows may be Window entities.

Despite level 450 being classified as a Class 3 level, the danger will grow more intense the longer a wanderer stays there. Bear in mind, it is usually only affecting that one wanderer. It is highly recommended for wanderers get out as soon as possible.

The Songbird, the name for the Entity that travels with all wanderers of level 450, constantly attempts to make wanderers fall asleep by singing its lullaby song. No song lyrics exist, for it is sung in an unknown language. Even though the Songbird is kind2, it is recommended that the wanderers try and somehow get rid of the Songbird. If you don't leave the level after evading your Songbird, it will come back to you.


Picture of a Songbird.

As stated before, the level gets more dangerous as time goes on. This is for several reasons, being:

  • Songbird singing its lullaby,
  • Getting too deep into the level, for the level gets darker the deeper you go,
  • Not all of the level has been recorded.

Picture of the Insomnia Effect

Insomnia Effect

Once the wanderer has been in the level for a certain amount of time3, the level starts to change. First, wanderers' Songbirds will start to linger a few feet behind them and their songs will change slowly to something more broken in a sense. The Songbirds will start breaking down as the environment around the wanderer will seem to become more nightmarish.

This effect is called the "Insomnia Effect." When a wanderer's body wants or needs to go to sleep, but the wanderer hasn't yet slept, and the wanderer is at level 450, the Insomnia Effect will kick in. Smilers and Skinstealers will appear more frequently on the level. WANDERERS MUST GET OUT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE ONCE THE INSOMNIA EFFECT KICKS IN.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

No bases, outposts, or communities are possible on this level due to the Insomnia Effect.

Entrances And Exits


  • Sleeping in a bed in some levels4
  • Listening and following a lullaby


  • No clipping in a closet without the Songbird will bring you to another closet on a different level.5
  • Jumping out of a window and walking away without the Songbird to get to level 10.
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