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Name: Pablo
Known Affiliations: The Owner (rumored), Las Emapacadores, The M.E.G., Sol Miranda, Aiden Dime, Luna Gonzales, Luisa Castro.
Known Location:Level 304

Hi, I’m Pablo, I’ve lived on Level 304 of the Backrooms for as long as I can remember.

Admittedly the daily routine here isn’t that interesting. I spend most of my day in my room, the entirety of which no-clipped into the backrooms, along with my four friends. Their names are Sol, Luna, Luisa, and Aiden. I haven’t seen any of them in ages, and I don’t plan to.

This semi-isolationist lifestyle has played out well and I’ve survived for 3 years with minimal psychological damage, so clearly something about my routine works. Speaking of, my usual routine since we split has been to spend most of my time in bed, with my journal, or on my PC. If I have a particular amount of energy, I may even drum, sing, or produce music. I try to keep up with frontrooms events by going on the internet, but I also entertain myself with video games like Dead Cells. There are also days where I may open up google docs and write a story. Sometimes I keep myself occupied by dreaming, and I write my adventures down in my journal when I’m done. Sometimes they’re stuff that’s happened in the past but they may also be completely fictional. If I really feel like it, I’ll go to La Panaderia and grab some food and water. I might even interact with some other people and tell stories or share my knowledge. Luna used to be there all the time but I think she moved to princess or Oasis. I should check in on her.

Oh yeah, my knowledge! The M.E.G recently tried to document this level and I got to help them. It’s pretty much the only thing interesting that’s happened within the last 3 years or so. They even let me write this article about myself, granted it should have come out about a month ago. I’m probably going back to sleep in a bit, maybe I’ll upload whatever journal entry comes out of my dream.

A Bit About Myself.

Jesus Christ, it’s a year after I uploaded the article and wrote the first half of this entry, yet I somehow missed that I didn’t even write a proper introduction. I’m Pablo, the resident knowledge dump of Level 304 and the Co-Author of its article. I go by they/them pronouns, which honestly don’t play as big of a role as you think it would. No one really cares about that here because everyone is focused on survival. That stuff was very different in The Frontrooms. Same goes for my Autism and lack of romantic attraction. All of those play a big role in who I am but it’s probably something you can observe easily. What I’m trying to get at is people are actually nice here.

Personality and Morals

As far as my personality goes, I’m still trying to figure that out. I always try my best to be kind to people and don’t really like it when someone gets hurt. That’s the big part of my moral code. Let me tell you, it has been so much easier to follow within these past few years because I haven’t had to deal with greedy capitalists assholes. You wouldn’t know much about how I act socially since I don’t leave my room that often. When I do, I’m typically treated like a local legend and get to tell stories about the level. But besides that I’ve been pretty introverted lately since I’m not really close to anyone anymore. If any of my friends see this, maybe you can meet up with me at La Panaderia and we can chat over some empanadas, or don’t, I’m sure there is a reason we split. That reason is something I don’t want to remember.


I might as well talk about music for a bit since it’s a major special interest. Listening to music from my PC and keeping up with the latest edm releases has kept my mental health together during these last few years. I get to DJ at La Panaderia once a month or so. Usually I play my Monstercat playlist, but I also like to make special DJ mixes or play my own music.2 As far as songs I enjoy, Memory Bank by Dyro and Conro has been a favorite. The sentiment about memories always sticking with us stood out. Not to mention the drops are straight up epic. Maybe I’ll go out to make memories like that.

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